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Welcome back to another delicious She & Him Eats! République is a modern French eatery in Los Angeles that almost all of the locals crave, talk about, and often visit. République, is located in the heart of Los Angeles, and it's owned by Chef Walter Manzke and Chef / Irresistible Pastry Maker Margarita Manzke. If you’ve been craving for a little taste of the French countryside, then why not allow the French countryside come to you today.
Bon appétit!

Ricky and I arrived to République around 8:30 Saturday morning and luckily we didn't have to wait to go inside. However, once we sat down to eat a line started to form outside. I guess the saying is true, the early bird gets the worm
Upon entering République, we immediately fell in love with the building. We love how the restaurant is set up! The natural light that shines throughout the restaurant is beautiful, and it's chic rustic decor is to die for! It felt like we were inside of a castle. Fun fact, this building was originally built in 1929 by the famous actor Charlie Chaplin.

When you enter République, you're also greeted by a beautiful and overflowing arrangement of home made croissants, éclairs, mini cakes and tarts whipped and creamed to perfection. We were tempted to try them all, but we decided to try at least one because we came here for brunch and we didn't want to fill up on pastries. 

But look at all of these delicious pastries! They even have gluten-free options to satisfy your GF sweet tooth.

When I was little, whenever my parents would take us grocery shopping my mom would always let me choose a fresh piece of sweet bread and I always picked an Alfajores. It's still is one of my favorite pastries, so when I saw République had Banana Dulce de Leche Alfajores, I knew we had to try them. The Alfajores were so soft, and filled with a banana caramely dulce de leche. The flavor combination was perfection! It tasted like caramelized bananas and it was a symphony in our mouths.

Onto the brunch entrees!

After having something sweet, it was time for our main dish. I ordered the Pupusa, with mushrooms, black beans, Oaxacan cheese, avocado, crema, salsa roja, and topped with a fried egg. I was very suprised to see a pupusa on their menu but I was not disappointed. The bean, the egg, and the sauce...was everything! The flavors were so rich and well balanced, and don't get me started on the Oaxacan cheese...it was cheeeesy! Personally, I highly recommend trying the pupusa.

As for Ricky, he ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict, made with pain au lait, spinach, jalapeño hollandaise, avocado, frisée, and poached eggs. He said this Benedict was delicious! The poached egg was nice and runny and he was surprised that the bread was a pain du lait instead of a regular English muffin, but he loved it because it held everything perfectly.

Overall, we really enjoyed everything at République, we definitely want to come back! I want to try more of their pastries, especially their loaf cakes. If République isn't on your brunch bucket list right now, you should definitely add it! And for those just looking for a lovely place to have brunch then start your day off right at République.

Thank you so much for joining me today, until next time!


  1. Oh my goodness, this place looks so gooood! I was staring at the pastries for a good five minutes, no joke🤤
    I would love to visit République when I'm in LA.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. You should, you'll love. You'll especially love the treats, the entire display is beautiful!

  2. Oh my goodness, this place looks so gooood! I was staring at the pastries for a good five minutes, no joke🤤
    I would love to visit République when I'm in LA.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana


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