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A Visit to Eataly

I recently paid a visit to Eataly, an Italian gastronomical paradise that offers visitors the opportunity to eat, shop, and learn their way through one of the greatest cuisines in the world under a single roof. Eataly, is a cute play on the words “Eat” & “Italy.” There are several Eataly in various cities around the world, but I recently visited the Las Vegas location. So, join me today as we eat, shop, and learn!
Eataly is one of the largest Italian marketplace with restaurants and it's located inside Park MGM  in Las Vegas. They have more than a dozen authentic Italian eateries and hundreds of high-quality products to choose from. 
Upon entering Eataly, I was immediately in love!  It's a beautiful building and it literally made me feel like I was entering Italy. 
To my left the first counter I noticed was the L’Aperitivo. Here you can enjoy a selection of Italy’s most iconic cocktail. I was tempted to get a drink but it was a bit too early for my liking, so instead I continued to explore Eataly.
If you're like me and love to learn, the Chef's Table counter located at the main entrance has a variety of handcrafted classes and events to enjoy, like the following:
  • Get To Know Gnocchi
  • Crafting the Perfect Cannoli 
  • Making and Assembling Tiramisù
  • How to Pesto
On this day, Ricky and I actually had reservation at Rossopomodoro (La Pizza e La Pasta). However,  right before coming here we managed to grab a last minute reservation at Momofuku. So, we canceled our reservation here because we were so stuffed and instead we continued to explore the Eataly's counters.
At the Eataly's Butcher & Kitchen counter here you can find meat from clean, sustainable farms and ranches where the animals graze daily in open pastures and are humanely handled. No antibiotics! No added hormones! No growth promoting drugs! If I lived near an Eataly I would definitely buy my meats here.
The Il Fritto counter serves delicious and lightly fried authentic Italian bites. Who doesn't love delicious fried food?!
La Rosticceria, features a selections of famous paninis and roasted meats. I don't know about you, but I love a good Caprese Panini! It's one of my favorite sandwiches to make and the ones sold here looked delicious!
Next, I checked out Eataly's Cheesemonger & Kitchen counter and it contains some of the best selection of cheese from Italy and America. The best part is the cheesemongers will tell you the story of each type of cheese that you select.
After checking out almost all of the counter, I was in need of some coffee so I headed over to the La Pasticceria and Lavazza counter. I ended up ordering a simple Iced Latte made with Lavazza coffee and it was delicious. Just what I needed!

After having my coffee it was time to shop for some amazing local and Italian products but before heading that way, I made sure Ricky took a quick picture of me because sometimes when we are having too much fun I tend to forget.
If you love wine definitely prepare your pockets because the wine shop has an amazing selection of rare Italian wines. Ricky and I were immediately tempted to take a bottle but instead waited to see what else we liked.
I even found Lidia's pasta and sauces!
Ricky and I are gin lovers and prior to coming here we've never seen these beautiful bottles of gin. Malfy Gin is a brand of gin bottled in Italy, and it comes in four flavors; Malfy Gin Originale, Con Limone, Con Rosa, and Con Arancia. If we could, we would of picked up all four bottles but since we were flying we only purchased one the Con Arancia and it was the best! We're still looking for a place to buy them locally.
You know this coffee lover had to look at the cup section. I loved all of their little espresso cups, especially the colorful ones. I was tempted to buy one of each color but I already own so many cups. So instead, I purchased the cute little pink one and I love it so much that I use it on a daily basis.

After checking out, my visit to Eataly came to a bittersweet end. I had so much fun visiting Eataly! If you are ever in Las Vegas you must go! Especially if you're in the mood to get into a hands-on cooking class, dinner, or wine tasting. It is well worth a visit to eat, so definitely come with an empty stomach. If you're visiting another city, checked out their other locations. If you're from the Bay Area, you're in luck because Eataly has recently announced that it will be opening its first Northern California location in the Bay Area in 2021. The chain will open its new 51,000 square-foot store at Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose. I seriously can't wait for Eataly to open in San Jose!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for joining me today!


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