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Our Annual Pumpkin Picking

Oh My Gourd It's Pumpkin Season!

I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time of year. From the changing of the weather, to the anticipation of the holidays, and of course our annual Pumpkin Patch visit! Even though I’m pretty happy to pick up our pumpkins from a supermarket depending on how fresh they are or even a local street pumpkin patch, this year Ricky and I decided to go pumpkin picking at a pumpkin farm. Prior to this visit we've never cut our own pumpkins and the thought of this was extremely exciting. 

After looking into a few different places to visit in the Bay Area, we decided to visit Cool Patch Pumpkins, home of the World Record Corn Maze in Dixon, California. I hope you enjoy today's post as much as I enjoyed our visit.
A few weeks ago, Ricky and I along with my brother and sister-in-law took a day trip to Dixon to pick and cut our own pumpkins. None of us had gone to a pumpkin farm were you hand cut your own pumpkin, so we weren’t sure what to expect! All we knew was that we were determined to buy some pumpkins and take a ton of pictures. 
Immediately upon arriving I was surprised at the amount pumpkins this farm was growing! The farm was divided into different sections separating the different types of pumpkins, squash, and gourds. One of the first types of pumpkins we saw were your traditional Jack o' Lantern.
I'm not going to lie we immediately found our first perfect pumpkin, the only thing is we forgot to bring a knife! Yeah I know, I don't know how we expected to cut our own pumpkins without a knife but luckily we managed to cut it. I highly recommend bringing a small knife and gloves because the stem can be kind of prickly on some of the pumpkins.
Look at our cute little Jack o' Lantern however because of it's size and shape it might be a Baby Bear pumpkin but regardless we love it!
Next we reached the field of Cinderella Pumpkins. Incase you didn't know, Cinderella Pumpkins are a French heirloom variety that grows on sprawling vines and reach over three meters in length. Cinderella Pumpkins are so gorgeous and are my second favorite type of pumpkins.
Picking up one of these large Cinderella Pumpkins was not an easy task, I tried to pick one up and eventually had to drop it because it weight a ton!
We really thought we would go home with a Cinderella Pumpkin but we weren't feeling any. Plus, we were looking for something different since last year we mainly purchased Cinderella Pumpkins. 
The next type of pumpkin we saw was not a pumpkin but a squash. The Yugoslavian Finger Squash, a very unique, uncommon and peculiar -yet pretty squash, originating from Yugoslavia. 
Right next to the Yugoslavian Finger Squash were these tiny cute yellow squash. I believe these are small Spaghetti Squash or Yellow Eight Ball Squash

After looking at a variety of odd squashes it was time to look for our next pumpkin.
The next type of pumpkin we ran into was the Knucklehead Pumpkins. This pumpkin is a hybrid variety and part of a specialty line known as Superfreak which was developed by Siegers Seed Co. in Holland, Michigan. This pumpkin is famous for having bumps and is my favorite type of pumpkin because they remind me of witches!
And of course it was pretty easy for Ricky and I to find the perfect one and once again we found it as soon as we reach this part of the farm.

After picking and cutting our pumpkins we headed towards the main area of the farm to pay for our pumpkins. 
Before paying for our pumpkins we ran into this cute sign that welcomed you into the main area of the Cool Patch Pumpkins. I spy a dinosaur! 

So how much was this experience? Well Cool Patch Pumpkins start at $1.00+ a pumpkin, priced by the size and quantity so the more you buy, the better the deal! We paid a total of $12 for both of our pumpkins which was awesome considering Knucklehead Pumpkins can be very pricey depending where you buy it.
Let me know in the comments below what you think of these live (moveable) photos.
There was still so much to do at Cool Patch Pumpkin; the famous World Record corn maze, corn bath, hay ride, and tons of seasonal food to eat but we decided to ended the day here by taking a few more photos because the sun was shinning and we felt good! All in all, it was a great day! 
Talk about a picture perfect photo! Am I right? Whether you want to walk a corn maze, pick your own pumpkins or simply want to have a lovely stroll through fields, I would definitely recommend visiting a pick your own farm like Cool Patch Pumpkins! Thanks for joining me today, I'll see you all next time with a spooktacular post! 


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