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I Like Scary Movies Experience | She & Him Adventures

Happy Halloween & welcome back to a very spooky She & Him Adventures at the I Like Scary Movies Experience. I Like Scary Movies is a groundbreaking interactive art installation featuring five classic horror films — The Shining, It, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice, and The Lost Boys. I Like Scary Movies is truly an experience that all horror fans have been dreaming of and it was born from the mind of experiential artist Maximillian, who wanted a way to dive deeper into this dark genre and explore these worlds outside of the traditional scare maze. The exhibition features amazing large scale photo opportunities and guests can literally dive right into some of the most iconic scenes from these movies, so without further ado let's begin with this spooky experience!
I Like Scary Movies is located inside the historical The Desmond Tower in Los Angeles, California.
Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was a shower that had the Sandworm from Beetlejuice as the shower head. How freaking awesome is this? And where can I get one? Since photo opportunities are a significant part of I Like Scary Movies, spots are reserved in 15 minute increments so that visitors can take their time taking pictures. So after taking a few pictures in front of this Sandworm it was our time to enter into the first movie.

the shining

The first movie we got to dive into was one of our personal favorite The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. I can't even begin to explain how I felt walking into this, it literally felt like I was walking into the set of the movie and it gave me chills.
We even got to explore the Redrum or should I say Murder hedges.
While we waited to enter the infamous bathroom from The Shining I saw this awesome display of the famous "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
Come play with us! And we sure did!
The room with the infamous and creepy carpet of the Overlook Hotel was so awesome and my favorite because it covered the entire walls and it made it so easy to get a really good picture. 


After playing with the Twins for a while it was time to enter Pennywise's lair from IT: Chapter 1. After all, we all float down here, right?
I may have gotten swallowed by Pennywise, but hey I got this awesome picture of his mouth.
Inside Pennywise's lair there was also a wall of fear where you could take a piece of paper and write down the one thing that terrifies you the most. I won't say what Ricky and I wrote down but it's pretty common with most people. And for doing this, we received a special penny with Pennywises on the coin.


After getting out of Pennywise's lair we turned into recently deceased guests in the Netherworld.
One of my favorites things about I Like Scary Movies was the staff, in each room the staff was kind enough to offer to take pictures of us, so occasionally we took advantage and said yes! So now I have these two pictures of us that I love so much.

Eventually we found ourselves in the Netherworld waiting room before visiting Beetlejuice’s graveyard and it looks like Beetlejuice finally got called.
Ricky was getting a little tempted at Dante's Inferno. 
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!


After leaving the Netherworld, we found ourselves in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Here we definitely felt the fear as we entered Freddy's boiler room and we even got snatched by his giant glove.
After escaping we got to take a seat in Freddy Krueger's throne, which was very creepy and gory.

The Lost Boys

Lastly, we entered into the world of  The Lost Boys, I felt very vampy inside the vampire gang’s cave. 

Here we got to test our strength as we hang from the Santa Clara train tracks, and let me just say it was not easy, however for Ricky it was.
After somewhat surviving, I still ended up becoming part of the noodles or should I say worms for dinner. Who remembers this scene where David tricks Michael into thinking he’s eating worms instead of noodles?
And just like that, we have finally come to an end of the I Like Scary Movies experience. Ricky and I had so much fun diving into some of our favorite scary movies. I highly recommend checking it out if you can. Don't miss out the I Like Scary Movies Fall encore, it's open now until November. Tickets are only $39 each! Also, I should mention this exhibition does not feature scare actors or strobe lights. Costumes are always fun to wear, but no masks, weapons or face paint is allowed within the space. So make sure to keep that in mind if you are planning on going. Once again thank you for joining me today, I'll see you all next time with another post.

Happy Halloween!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the I Like Scary Movies official website.


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