We're Moving!

I am so excited to finally announce that we are moving! 

In my previous Currently post, I sort of teased about the move but I wanted to take the time to write an entire blog post to explain myself further. These past nine years living in downtown San Jose has been an exciting experience for both Ricky and I. We came here as two nervous college students ready to learn and grow, and we are leaving as a two educated and well-rounded adults ready for a new adventure. It's bitter-sweet leaving San Jose because we made so many amazing memories here, met some incredible people who are now lifetime friends, and we started our careers here. Now, exactly nine years later we are so excited to start of a new chapter in our lives and we can't wait.

So, where are we moving? Goodbye Southbay and Hello Eastbay. If you know us personally, you would know the Eastbay is not a totally new area for us, we actually grew up in the Eastbay and most of our family still lives there. But Imelda, what city are you moving to? As a blogger, you might think my entire life is shared on my social media but it's not and I still like to keep a few details personal, but let me just say you'll be seeing a ton more blog posts from San Francisco and Oakland because our new home is only a few minutes away from these incredible cities.

So, why are we moving? Well to make a long story short we're both making career moves. As of now, Ricky has already started his new job in San Francisco and I'm working on setting up my studio space/office for my business. Plus, living so close to San Francisco will give us the opportunities to attend more events, and be open to network and collaborate with more people and companies. Also, we've spend the past nine years away from our family and like I mentioned earlier they live in the Eastbay, and we're so happy to be closer to them. We're also excited to possibly start expanding our family from 2 to 3...yes I know! So hopefully in the near future we can finally adopt a beautiful and loving dog that is accepted and welcomed into our home.

I'm so excited about what the future will bring. At the moment, we're still working on getting settled into our new home, painting the walls, adding artwork, putting everything where it belongs but we're incredibly excited for everything to come into place. It's going to take a while to feel fully settled, but it's okay we have plenty of time and I think the best is yet to come.

Thank you so much for reading! I want to end this post by saying thanks for all the support throughout the years and a huge thanks to my family with the move, you guys are the best! I can't wait for all the new adventures in our lives.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys to be doing The Move to benefit the both of you! I completely understand about the bittersweet moment, the good thing is that you'll still be close to SJ. (: Also, you almost had me about expanding your family haha. I'm excited for you guys to get a dog and grow with it. Imelda and Ricky, I wish you guys the best of luck on moving, finishing the last details and best of luck on your careers.

  2. I still can't believe you moved. I miss you so much already and I'm bummed we didn't get to hang out before your move. I'm so excited for your future and can't wait to hear about all the exciting things to come for you both!

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana


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