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MOIC Sprinkle Spectacular | She & Him Adventures

The Museum of Ice Cream recently launched its newly re-imagined experience including a larger Sprinkle Pool (4x the size!), new installations, brand new ice cream tastings, and a free and publicly accessible cafe called Cafe 1905CSo join me today for another She & Him Adventures, as we visit the San Francisco Museum of Ice Cream new and fun interactive exhibition called Sprinkle Spectacular, let's dive into this Sprinkle Spectacular!
A few weeks ago Ricky and I visited the MOIC newest exhibition. If you haven’t already heard of it or seen it all over your Instagram feed, it’s an interactive museum that is more like a pop-up experience, filled with Instagrammable rooms and scenes, and sweet treats and samples. To enter the actual museum you can go down in two ways, either down a pink slide or down the pink stairs. Obviously we went down the slide, I wish I had a picture but I was having way too much fun.


After swirling down a slide, you walk into this huge pink waiting room that gave me Hollywood cinema vibes and all of the workers have fun ice cream names. They highly encourage you to create an ice cream name, Ricky's was Ricky Road a play on Rocky Road and mine was Pepper Mint-tastic. Cute? I thought so!
Also inside this beautiful room, a very spectacular worker was handing out delicious pink ice cream sandwich to enjoy while you wait for the adventure to start.
This is the first time MOIC gave us a treat this big! Luckily we were in the waiting room for a while so Ricky and I got to fully enjoy our ice cream. Also, look at the beautiful lighting inside this room. Gorgeous! 
Can we take a second to talk about these cute pink theater seats. Hello MOIC, can I have one?
Can you tell who was loving their ice cream sandwich?


If you haven't already seen enough pink, the next room is completely pink! Everything in this room is pink and aesthetically cute! So make sure you take a ton of pictures. If you read my previous MOIC blog post, you might have noticed that nothing has changed in this room (decor wise) but it's still one of my favorite rooms. 
However, something new inside this diner is MOIC twist on your classic fries and dip, a red-velvet soft serve with bread fries. Yum! This treat was so delicious, I wish I could have it again.
Look how cute this picture came out, the worker was super friendly and photobomb my picture. I can't complain, I love it!


Our next stop is another room we have seen before but it does have some changes. You might see some familiar clouds in this room which we have seen before in the Cherry on Top room.
Inside this room our delicious treat were some colorful fortune cookies, I'm not a fan of fortune cookies but Ricky did eat them later in the day.
The next room was simply an in between room. Nothing special was inside this room but I did find it cute and very 80's.


The next room we enter was a bright and colorful room filled with a bunch of clapping hands. *CLAP CLAP CLAP* This was their Piñata room, at first I questioned myself, why it was called Piñata? However, after being in the room for a while I remembered these are the exact colors of their Piñata ice cream pint , which is my favorite MOIC ice cream flavor.
I felt so happy inside this room, it was hard not to smile.

Also, can we talk about how awesome it is to walk through the MOIC with little to no people. I highly recommend going before noon or noon at the latest, our time slot was 12:00.
You can't have a Piñata room without candy. The three flavors of candy were Green Apple, Cotton Candy, and Blue Raspberry. The cotton candy flavor was my favorite and Ricky loved the Green Apple.
Inside the Piñata room they also had these cute little colorful seats/steps. This was probably the only location where I had to wait to take a picture, mainly because there were three girls having a semi-extravagant photo shoot.


Do you remember those pink frosted Circus Animal Cookies? Well this room is filled with those cookies. You might not remember this adorable room from my last MOIC post because this room was not there during my first visit but I did get to see this room in our second visit. I never shared that visit on my blog because I took my niece for her birthday and it was a sweet and personal visit. This room is one of my favorites and I love that you get to ride the cookies! Little Imelda would be so happy!


Next we entered the infamous rainbow room! And the best part was Ricky and I had it all to ourselves. This is room is MOIC staple room, everyone loves it! There's really nothing new added but it does seem like they made the room bigger, if I'm correct I think they remove a wall.
I seriously love taking pictures inside this colorful room!
Also, you can't forget about this little room hidden inside the rainbow room. You can defiantly take some really cute picture inside this room!


Cotton candy inside of a jungle! I'm all for it! This is another room I have seen before, I think during our last visit our treat inside this room was Mochi ice cream. But this time they gave us cotton candy, the cotton candy was delicious but the Mochi ice cream was definitely better. This is one of my least favorite rooms. I personally think it was way better when it was the Rock Candy room with the climbable rock candy wall.
After the jungle room it was time to head up, we always stop here at the stairs because it has become one of my favorite places to snap some pictures. And luckily, we were not bothered by anyone. 


And now for our big finale, it was time to dive into the world's largest sprinkle pool! The MOIC new and improved Sprinkle Pool is 4x the original size with a slide, biodegradable sprinkles, and an ADA accessibility so that you can swim all day long! Literally all day, you can stay inside for as long as you want. 
Look at these mega sprinkles! I ended up coming home with only 3 sprinkles which is not bad in comparison to the hundreds I found on me last time.
Now it was time to chillax and take some pictures inside this magical pool!
This top picture will be forever my favorite picture taken inside the MOIC! Ricky has gotten really good at taking pictures, and he even told me how to pose. I love him so much!
After exiting the Sprinkle Pool, you end up exactly where you started at the entrance of the Museum, which is now their store front/cafe. Like I mentioned earlier, Cafe 1905C is accessible to all, no tickets is required! If you want to check it out click here, I made an entire post dedicated to Cafe 1905C.

And that's it! The MOIC is sweet, stylish, and very successful! This was a very sweet revisit to the new MOIC. I don't have any plans anytime soon to visit it again, but best believe I will be there whenever they do open the 21+ Bar above the Sprinkle pool. And if you haven't already definitely check out my previous Museum of Ice Cream & Cafe 1905C posts for more sweet and delicious adventures. Until next time. stay sweet!

What: MOIC Sprinkle Spectacular
Where: 1 Grant Ave, San Francisco
Open: Mon: 12:30am - 6:00pm
Tues: Closed
Wed: 12:30am - 6:00pm
Thurs: 12:30am - 6:00pm
Sat: 9:30am – 8:45pm
Sun: 9:30am – 8:00pm
Price: $38


  1. I had so much fun reading this post. M OIC did a really good job with the changes. I can't even decided which set of photos were my favorite, they're all so cute.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. Thank you!!! I seriously loved the changes, some were minor but overall it came together really nicely.
      If you haven't already seen the previews for the MOIC Pride event, you should it's looking super cute!


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