The Westworld Experience

Is anyone having major Westworld withdraw? Well I am and I'm not the only one, there's literally a discussion on Reddit titled "I am suffering from Westworld withdraw symptoms." Anyways, today I decided to share something special since Westworld season 2 started exactly a year ago. Last year, the AT&T Flagship Store in San Francisco opened its doors for the Westworld Experience, where you can visit HBO's Westworld in real life. Some of the things you were able to do was:

  • Pose for photos with a life-sized robot host in the making. 
  • Take the Delos Personality Evaluation to determine your Westworld character type.
  • Encounter familiar props and wardrobe.
  • Enter the saloon and hear music from the show on the player piano.
  • Explore Westworld using an interactive map.

Ready to be a guest at Westworld?
Upon entering the AT&T Flagship Store,  we were suppose to be greeted by a  life-sized robot host in the making. Unfortunately, the life-sized robot was already gone. I can't blame them, when we went it was on its last week. If you want to see a picture of the life-sized robot in the making, click here. However, they did have this awesome and not so little trolly train. If you look closely you might see a few characters from Westworld, along with a few props on the side.
Something else that caught my attention when I entered was this long black table with a light up Westworld W. This was the Westworld interactive map, which allowed you to take a glimpse of the key areas of the park just like in the show. I spy Ricky and Maeve. Ricky and I messed around with this map for such a long time. It was so cool and very high-tech. It totally gave me Delos Corporation vibes.

After exploring the map for a while, it was time to take the Delos Personality Evaluation to determine my Westworld character type. I was so excited for this evaluation, I often wonder what sort of character I would play in the show. I think I would love to be someone like Maeve but I wouldn't be surprised if I was a young William. Anyways, after doing the evaluation I got THE NEWCOMER, aka young William because hes literally a newcomer. I knew it! Now on the other hand, Ricky got THE OUTLAW, aka maybe The Man in Black? Which is totally Ricky. 

After doing the evaluation I was handed a white Delos-branded NFC ID card, similar to the red one above, and this card would unlock hidden content throughout the store, including musical surprises and a VR experience. Once I got I got my badge, it was time to head upstairs!
The Westworld Experience had a few high-tech elements and the first one we saw upon arriving to the second floor was this Delos Corporate map of the Westworld Mesa Hub. It broke down all the levels of the hub and it was so cool to see this, it  felt like you were part of the Delos Corporation. Another high-tech element was an immersive virtual reality experience. Unfortunately, on this day the VR experience was down and we couldn't try it but it wasn't a big deal because there was still so much more to explore in here.
One of my favorite parts of the Westworld Experience was this saloon set up. Here you were able to sit down and hear music from the show. 
This was the iconic self-playing piano that played music from the show. Here you would use your Delos-branded NFC ID to hear the music. Ricky and I got to hear our favorite Sweetwater, the train theme song by Ramin Djawadi. 
Around the second floor they also had authentic costumes and props, including items worn by the main characters! As you can see above this is the famous dress Maeve wears at the saloon.

The Westworld Experience was timed to coincide with Season 2 of Westworld and it was the perfect time for fans to escape this reality and that's exactly what I did.
I may be biased because I'm a huge fan of Westworld but the Westworld Experience was such an awesome experience. Looking back, I seriously can't believe I never blogged about it but hey better late than never. I also can't wait for a new season to start but seriously HBO when do you expect the new season to start? I was hoping this year but it might not start until 2020. Let me know in the comments below what you thought about the Westworld Experience, are you a Westworld fan? If you haven't seen the show before, I highly recommend it!


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