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Welcome back to another She & Him Eats! Today we are visiting NOLA Doughnuts, a delicious donut shop in the heart of Portland. NOLA Doughnuts specializes in La'ssants, a New Orleans style doughnuts. From the outside it looks lik a small shop, but as you enter, it opens up to much more. You immediately feel like you are transported to New Orleans because everything is decked out like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. So join me today as we enjoy some delightful doughnuts and of course some beignets! 

Like I mentioned earlier, walking into NOLA Doughnuts I immediately felt like I was transported to New Orleans. Also, walking inside felt like you walked back outside because the inside is lined with windows and balconies around the store. I felt so happy stepping inside NOLA Doughnuts, their shop is just so cute and colorful!

In case you are thinking, what is a La'ssants? This sign found inside the store perfectly describe what a La’ssant is and how it's made. 
Look at all of these beautiful La’ssant! There's quite a few options to choose from, so I knew choosing one would be the difficult part.

Ricky and I came to NOLA Doughnuts with a full stomach so we decided to share one together. We ordered the Chocolate Maple, a chocolate La’ssant square with a 100% pure maple syrup glaze. Ricky and I both love maple and chocolate, so this was the perfect La’ssant for us, it was so good we decided to pick some up to take back home. 
We ordered 3 to-go, and they were the following:

  • S'mores: A La’ssant square dipped into a chocolate chicory ganache, and then filled with their house made toasted Madagascar vanilla marshmallow fluff and graham cracker cookie butter.
  • Salted Double Chocolate: This sinful delight starts with their signature chocolate La’ssant square, glazed with a chocolate chicory ganache, then finished with a couple pinches of fleur de sel.
  • Madagascar VanillaTheir signature La’ssant square dipped in their vanilla glaze made from the finest vanilla beans from the Bourbon Island of Madagascar.
I'm nothing even kidding you but I still have dreams about their S'mores La’ssant! It was so delicious. Ricky favorite was for sure the Madagascar Vanilla La’ssant. 

During our trip to Portland, we also decided to stop by at NOLA Doughnuts for some late-night Beignets. These beignets are made hot and fresh to order, yes I said hot a fresh! You get three delicious beignets and they are covered in powdered sugar. While eating these beignets, Ricky and I couldn't help but to think we were at Disneyland eating some Micky shaped beignets. So one can say eating these beignets brought us lots of joy. Also, if you love dipping your beignets, definitely try them with their dipping sauces too.

I wish my time in Portland was extended so I could come back to NOLA Doughnuts and try all of their flavors but next time I'm in town I am definitely coming back! If you are planning on visiting NOLA Doughnuts I highly suggest you get there as early as possible! They're picking up more and more customers and they run out of their better donuts pretty fast.

And that’s it! You've reached the end of my post. I still have a few more Portland posts to share, so  definitely keep an eye open for more of our She & Him Adventures & Eats. As always, thank you so much for reading!


  1. Oh my goodness these donuts look to die for, I've been on such a donut kick lately. I want to go to Portland just for the s'mores one! This bakery looks super cute I love how it truly feels like you are transported to New Orleans. I'm loving these food posts of yours!

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. You have to try it! You've love them, especially the s'more one.
      & thank you! These food posts have been so much fun and I still have a few more Portland posts to work on.


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