300 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113, USA

100 Block Mural Project

A giant and beautiful mural has been painted in San Jose. The 100 Block Mural Project is located on South First Street, on a wall across the California Theatre. Exhibition District, a local nonprofit arts organization brought together 100 artists in an effort to beautify and brighten the streets of downtown San Jose. If you love art, you definitely need to check out the 100 Block Mural Project, so join me today as we visit 100 artists, 100 canvases and a whole lot of creativity!

Typically, murals are done with one lead artist and several volunteers, however this is the first time San Jose gathered 100 artists to work collaboratively. Each artist was given a 3 by 3 foot canvas, resulting in a 900 square foot mural! Now that's a big mural. Besides getting the chance to have their work featured in a public space, the project was also able to pay each artist for their art work. Exposure is always great but getting paid for your art is definetly the cherry on top! I'm glad these artists were paid because the art is incredible!
Immediately one of my favorite was by @sarahcademadethis painting gave me Tim Burton-Caroline-Haunted Mansion vibes and I loved it! 
Look at this wall! Is this wall even real? So much beauty in one wall. Plus, that "get that pan" is everything! I need to get that pan. 
Life is truly delicious, this painting by @strawberrymilkmade was so adorable. I need it! One thing I really love about this 100 Block mural project is learning about all these talented and local artists.  

Another painting I was in love with was this painting by @jacquelindeleon. If you don't know who this is, you are missing out. Her work is incredible!!! 
Ricky's favorite painting was @klawd 8 bit version of Girl with a Pearl Earring Painting by Johannes Vermeer. 
Something I forgot to mention earlier is this project could possibly become a Guinness World Record for collaborative murals, it's going to take a few months to figure out but how awesome is that?
I seriously love all this art popping up around San Jose, it makes the city look so beautiful and it really lights up the space! I can't wait to see what's next. If you love art you definitely need to check out the 100 Block Mural Project. Let me know in the comments below which painting was your favorite and definitely expect more art related posts from me in the near future! Until next time, and remember art is not what you see but what you make others see. 


  1. This mural turned out great! I was there when Rudy and I went to Voltaire Coffee House, and the artists were still working on this. Immediately I fell in love with the "get that pan" block hehe. I also love your outfit! Your top is beautiful, I've been on a hunt for a colorful rainbow top forever.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. Right I love that one too! That's why I purposely stood right in front of it.
      Thank you! This was my first time wearing that top because I obviously hate wearing color. Anyway, I had purchased it for either Color Factory or MOIC but I just never wore it and I figure why not try to wear it now.

  2. I lived in downtown and I drive by there so much and I haven't seen these gorgeous murals, like am I living under a rock? I love the last picture where you are in. (:

    1. Girl you have to check it out in person, it's so awesome.
      & thank you!


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