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Welcome back to another She & Him Eats! Today we are visiting the stunning Sightglass Coffee Bar & Roastery in San Francisco. Sightglass has multiple locations in San Francisco, but today we are visiting their flagship space, which is their largest location, located in the San Francisco’s SoMA neighborhood. A great day starts with coffee! So grab your coffee if you haven't already and join me today for a very delightful and coffee filled She & Him Eats!

Ricky and I decided to stop by Sightglass on a early Saturday afternoon after visiting the Onedome LMNL experience, keep an eye out for that post! Upon arriving Sightglass we noticed it was pretty busy on the main floor. However, I immediately feel in love with this coffee shop. This coffee shop is so beautiful with high ceilings and large windows. I definitely loved the layout and the vibe.

Ricky and I were able to order pretty fast even though it was busy inside Sightglass. As you can see from the picture above they had a really good variety of pastries and it made it easy for us to choose something we liked.
I ended up ordering the Cappuccino and an Everything Croissant. Let me just say, I love a good everything seasoned bagel, toast, croissant, pretty much just about anything and this croissant is probably in my top 5 best croissant I have ever tasted. It was so delicious and it also had cream cheese inside which made it even better. As I'm working on this post I'm literally day dreaming of having a croissant. Now for their coffee I really can't say enough great things because I was so impressed, I had a cappuccino and it had almost a caramel like taste, it was delightful! I was also very impressed in their latte art, especially in Ricky's drink, so beautiful!
Something I love about Ricky and I is that we have different taste in food, so we normally end up ordering two completely different things, which is great because we get to try more items from the menu. This time Ricky ordered the Mocha w/ Dick Taylor's Chocolate and a Ham & Cheese Croissant. Unfortunately he didn't let me try his croissant, he said it was too good. I don't blame him we were both hungry, and as you can tell from the picture above he didn't even wait for me to take a picture and immediately took a bite of his croissant. However, he did let me try his Mocha. I normally don't like Mochas, I find them too sweet but wow this mocha was delicious and the Dick Taylor's Chocolate made it so rich and creamy! This is definitely something I would highly recommend ordering.

Like I mentioned earlier this is their flagship space, so not only is it a open coffee bar with an amazing community gathering space, but you will also see a lot of their roasting production along with their company headquarters all under a single roof. How amazing is that?! It's so so cool to see all their production, I definitely enjoy large spaces like this.
Also on the second floor, Sightglass has an Affogato Bar!!! Yes I said an affogato bar. Their affogato bar offers a fun and customizable affogato experience. And guess who's ice cream they use? None other than the delicious Salt & Straw ice cream! I really wished I went upstairs before I ordered my coffee because I would of totally gone for the affogato. I was tempted to order one as well but I knew I wouldn't finish it and I hate wasting food. However, next time I will go straight upstairs and order an affogato from their affogato bar.
I'm a sucker for good coffee and Sightglass Coffee was a match made in heaven. This place doesn't look like anything from the outside but then you come in, you get a two story industrial room with an aesthetically pleasing coffee bar in the middle. I personally think this is one of the finest coffee shops in the Bay Area with excellent coffee. It's worth visiting from another city just to visit this coffee shop, I think any coffee lover would appreciate a space like Sightglass Coffee.


  1. Yummy and such beauty imagery as per usual!!
    Looks like a gorgeous flagship coffee-house, a perfect way for you and your love to chill!! x

    Hayley (https://www.ourdubailife.com)

  2. This shop looks very cute. Your coffee sounds like it was delicious I love caramel I will need to try it out some time soon. I'm a sucker for pastries too!

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. You need to go and try an affogato from their affogato bar, the menu looks delicious! I think you would enjoy it.


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