Casual Nighttime Skincare Routine

Today's blog post will be a very laid-back post discussing my current Skincare Routine, but the casual version of it. The skincare routine I'll be sharing today is the routine I do daily at night. Occasionally I'll throw in a mask or two into my routine, which I'll discuss later in a in-depth skincare routine. Anyways, lets keep it short and casual for today, so let's begin!


The first thing I do in my skincare routine especially at night is I remove my eye makeup and I like to use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I've been using these towelettes for years and I love them. They work great and my skin has never had a bad reaction, nor do they sting my eyes. After removing my eye makeup, I follow up with a cleanser to fully remove my makeup. I change up my cleanser pretty often because I have a few that I love but currently I am using the Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser. I love using this cleanser because it gently removes all of my makeup without drying my skin and it gives me a healthy looking complexion. After I use it, my skin feels refreshed and so soft. I love it!


After I finish washing my face, I follow up with another Fresh product the Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner. I am obsessed with this toner! Every time I use this toner my skin feels silky soft, refreshed, and prepared for the next product. I use to love their Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner but after using the rose toner and then going back to the clay toner, I realized the clay toner made my skin feel chalky. So the Rose toner is back in my routine and I am fully stocked!


Once my skin is dry from applying the toner, I nourishing my eyes with an eye cream. A lot of people apply their moisturizer first and end with an eye cream. However, I heard or read once that it's better to start with the eye cream, that way the residue left in your finger from the moisturizer don't get into your eyes. I might be wrong but it makes sense to me. Anyways, for about a year now I've been using the Drunk Elephant C-Tang Multivitamin Eye Cream. This eye cream is pretty amazing. After using it for a while, I noticed an improvement in my eyes. The puffiness and the dark circles around my eyes reduced and my eyes got noticeably brighter. My boyfriend immediately noticed the changes and he was so impressed that he started using it as well. I also love that this eye cream is  gentle enough for AM and PM use, so it's great because you can get more use out of it.


Lastly, the last step in my routine is to moisturize. The moisturizer I've been using is the Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream. In my July Favorites, I talked about how much I loved this cream and I still love it. My skin is firmer, smoother, and healthier!!! I still get the occasional breakout, which is normal but over all this cream has definitely improved my skin texture.


A Bonus Step: If you don't already drink a lot of water, remember to drink water NOW. It's important to drink water. Water helps maintain the balance of body fluids and drinking water helps get rid toxins in your body. Remember your body is composed of about 60% water, so give it the water it needs!

I hope you found this post helpful, let me know in the comments below if you have any questions! Do you have a nighttime skincare routine? If so, what products are in your routine? Also, can we talk about these pictures I took! Sometimes I am so impressed with what I can do with a color background, some daylight and my iPhone.  Anyways, thank you so much for joining me today! Until next time!



  1. I love all these products especially Drunk Elephant. The Protini has definitely helped firm my skin and I love it. I've never used the Fresh toner but it sounds so lovely. I used those makeup remover wipes and it irritated my skin really badly. Do you still use your Clarisonic? I used to use mine every single day and got really lazy with using it over the last few months.

    Also, you took these photos with your phone? Wow! They look great!

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. DE has definitely saved my skin! Their products are pricey but worth it!
      The wipes irritated your skin!! Ouch! I feel like those and the Target brand are the only wipes that I can use.
      I still use my Clarisonic but not everyday. I like to give my skin a break but I'll discuss that in my in-depth skincare routine.

      I did! Girl, I had this post ready since last week and scheduled to post on Wednesday and I forgot to take pictures on the weekend and Monday too. So when I got home on Tuesday, I literally had like 20 minutes of daylight and to make things worse my camera was not charged. I knew if I didn't take pictures now I would delay the post, so I took out my phone and the rest is history! Thank you!


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