Monochromatic Gift Wrapping

When I was a kid, wrapping presents for my friends and family was my favorite holiday activity. No joke! My mom knew I loved it so much that she would give me all of the presents to wrap. And to this day, it’s still one of things I look forward to the most. For Christmas my entire family gathers together at my parent's house, and that means we have hundreds of presents surrounding the Christmas tree. I like to distinguish my presents from the rest of my family, mainly so I can find them. So, every year I have a theme for gift wrapping. Last year I had a very Rustic theme, I use craft paper to wrap them and twine instead of ribbon. I even made hand-made ornaments, if you want to see them make sure to check out my DIY: Mason Jar Lid Ornaments post. So today I decided to share with you all my Gift Wrapping Theme for 2018.
So as you can tell by the title, this year I decided to go with a Monochromatic wrapping theme, specifically the color Black. I seriously love the color black! For a few years I've been trying to incorporate the color black in my gift wrapping but I never ended up liking it. However, last year and totally last minute I made a friend of mine a present but by then I had run out of wrapping paper. I happen to find black wrapping paper at Hallmark and my Target Bow & Ribbon Kit included a black bow and black ribbon. I wrapped it up and I seriously fell in love with the black on black! Even my friend said the wrapping was so unique and awesome! So I knew I had to do this as my theme! So let's start with a few items you will need to achieve this look...

Items you'll need:
Black Wrapping Paper 
Black Spray Paint
Black Tissue Paper
Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones
Craft Cinnamon Sticks
Berry Stem
Black Velvet 3/8 Ribbon
Black Velvet 1.5" Ribbon
Black Satin 1/4 Ribbon
Double Sided Tape
Hot Glue Gun

All the items I purchased have been linked, and surprisingly it was relatively easy to find black wrapping paper, thank you Amazon! The black wrapping paper is black on both sides and matte! I love matte, I'm sure a glossy finish would be a darker but this matte wrapping paper worked perfect for my vision.
Finding black ribbon was also not difficult. However, finding small black decorations was definitely difficult. I started searching since Fall/Halloween but all of the items I found were either "Too Halloween", yeah I know I can't believe I'm saying "TOO HALLOWEEN," I love Halloween! Anyways, so what I decided to purchase instead was small Pine Cones and Berry Stems and I spray painted them black. And let me just say, it was the perfect choice. I seriously want to spray paint everything black! I also picked up some Craft Cinnamon Sticks because I saw a picture on Pinterest and I thought they would go perfect with my aesthetics.
Wrapping your Christmas gifts like a professional is so easy, and to be honest the secret is Double Sided Tape and a little bit of Holiday Magic! It's so much easier to wrap something square or rectangular. So do yourself a favor and pack your gift into a box. If you don't know how to properly wrap follow this easy step-by-step demo. It's very helpful!

Next all you need to do is follow it up is with some ribbon, and/or a creative gift topper, and your present will be tree ready! To decorate your presents with the decorations you will need ribbon, tape and/or hot glue gun. I found using the glue gun to be the best way to stick on the pine cones and the berries. The cinnamon sticks were easy to tie with the ribbon. My favorite combination was the velvet ribbon with the pine cones. I immediately knew I would need to spray paint more pine cones and buy more ribbon.

A few other things I did that are totally optional, are personalize black name decals. These are not the easiest to make or the cheapest to buy but this is right up my alley when it comes to my profession, so making these were easy for me. If you can't make or buy personalize names, I highly suggest just buying a metallic pen and writing their names, or even chalk would work perfect.
And there you have it! Presents that are totally Christmas ready! Whoever said the color black is not festive, was totally wrong! I'm going to make this post a yearly tradition on my blog and share every year my Gift Wrapping Theme. I hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know what you think about my theme this year, or if you have any ideas for a theme next year. It's never too early to start planning. Happy Holidays!


  1. Omg I absolutely loved this post! I love getting creative and having themes for wrapping my presents too. This year you've out done yourself! This will be so much fun and something I will look forward to continue reading every year. I almost documented my gift wrapping this year too but didn't have any extra time haha.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. Thank you! That's such a great compliment. I think this is my favorite theme so far. I wished I documented the other years but from now on I will.

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