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Welcome to another She & Him Adventures! Today we are visiting Pumpkins in the Park! Pumpkins in the Park is a harvest fair at the Guadalupe River Park in downtown San Jose. This fair is designed to promote awareness of the Guadalupe River Park and celebrate the fall season. Join us as we celebrate the fall season at Pumpkins in the Park!

On Saturday, October 8th the Discovery Meadow transformed into a Fall Wonderland. Ricky and I have been having to go to Pumpkins in the Park for the last three years but we never got a chance because I always had a crazy work schedule but that has finally changed. Before heading to Pumpkins in the Park on this beautiful bright Saturday morning we stopped at Vero's Coffee Bar for a Iced Mexican Mocha
Like I mentioned earlier, Pumpkins in the Park is held to raise funds and enlist supporters for Guadalupe River Park Conservancy. Its purpose is to create awareness of the park and gardens and to bring families into the park for a day of learning and fun. The theme throughout the day was educating families about the Guadalupe River and it included a zero waste approach. All the food served, as well as the items food was served on was compostable. Pretty cool!
They had a ton of things to do at Pumpkins in the Park from Carnival Games, Costume Parade, Children’s Concert, Photo Ops, Great Food, and of course a Giant Pumpkin Patch! I must admit Ricky and I went to Pumpkins in the Park mainly for the pumpkin patch.
The pumpkin patch was...ok. I wouldn't call it a Great Pumpkin Patch, to me it seemed small. However, nonetheless Ricky and I found our first pumpkin for the Fall season.  
And here it is! If you follow me on IG you can see how Ricky and I painted it.
Overall Pumpkins in the Park was a cute event. It's free admission and they had a ton of things for kids to do. It's definitely targeted for families, I kind of wished I brought my nieces, they would of enjoyed Pumpkins in the Park. It's also a great place to bring your fur-babies, we saw a ton of adorable dogs there. I'm glad Ricky and I went to our first ever Pumpkins in the Park and I'm even more happy we purchased a pumpkin. Until time next time, have a BOO-tiful day.


  1. This was super cute. Your photos turned out so well I like the first one of you.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana


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