Halloween Time at Disneyland + 5 Tips & Tricks

Are you ready for a SPOOKtacular day? Well today you are in for a treat because we are visiting Halloween Time at Disneyland! Whether it’s your first time at the park, or first time during Halloween Time at Disneyland, you don't want to miss out on today's post! Each year Disneyland celebrate Halloween Time by transforming the park into a trick-or-treater’s dream! Halloween time is my favorite time to visit the parks especially since Halloween is now celebrated at both parks. Today I will focus on Halloween Time at Disneyland and on Wednesday I'll be posting all about Halloween Time at Disney California Adventures. I'm also going to make this post a bit more SPOOKtacular and include 5 tips that you want to know about Halloween at Disneyland, so let begin!

Halloween Time at Disneyland is seriously the best time of the year! From the attractions to the decorations, everything about Halloween Time at Disneyland is amazing! Plus, it also offers plenty of Spooky attractions and events that are fun for everyone in the family, even little ones. 
A tradition Ricky and I have at Disneyland during Halloween Time is taking a picture in front of the Giant Mickey Pumpkin, look at how cute these pictures turned out!
Talking about pictures, this bring me to my first tip. TIP #1. MAXIMIZE YOUR VISIT WITH DISNEY'S MAXPASS, save time by making your FastPass selections on your mobile device. No more having to walk from one side of the park to another just to get a FastPass. Plus with a MaxPass you can capture all of your memories with unlimited Disney PhotoPass photo downloads, All DAY!!! You can download and share photos from dining locations, attractions, Character Greetings, Disney PhotoPass Photographers and Magic Shots. As you can tell by these stunning photographs, we take full advantage of this service. The Disney MaxPass is available for only $10 per day, and I truly believe you do more at Disneyland with a Disney MaxPass. #notsponsored 
One of my favorite quick-service restaurants to eat at Disneyland is Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland. I am obsessed with their Cheeseburger Pizza, with ketchup, yellow mustard and pizza sauce on a sesame seed crust and topped with cheese, caramelized onions, diced tomatoes, slider patties, a house-made burger sauce, and pickles. It's delicious! Another great dish is their Count Down Chicken Fusilli Fusilli Pasta, topped with Seasoned Grilled Chicken, a Parmesan-Pesto Cream Sauce with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Shaved Parmesan Cheese. 
TIP #2. RIDE SPACE MOUNTAIN GHOST GALAXY, besides Haunted Mansion another major attraction that is changed for Halloween Time is Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. The soundtrack and visuals have been SPOOKified to Ghost Galaxy. I highly recommend getting a Fastpass because the line for this ride can be even longer than it usually is.
Before ending Day one, we use the PhotoPass Photographer one more time to grab one more picture. I don't think Ricky and I have ever taken a picture in front of the Tomorrowland sign, so this was a great way to end the day. TIP #3. MAKE SURE THE PARK DOESN’T CLOSE EARLY, Mickey’s Halloween Party runs from September through October 31st. During select nights the park will close early for the event. If you plan on visiting the park during October, check the event calendar to avoid early park closures. During these days the park will close at 6 p.m.
Day two started like always taking a stroll down Main Street, USA and appreciating all of the SPOOKtacular Halloween decorations. Main Street always looks so beautiful on a bright sunny day!
Another tradition Ricky and I have is taking a picture in front of the Partners Statue. Once again, we used a PhotoPass Photographer to take this magical photograph. Don't forget to check out all of the carved pumpkins surrounding the statue. The pumpkins all have a different characters, the Jack Skellington is one of my favorite.
While walking pass Tomorrowland, we ran into another PhotoPass Photographer and since the sun was out we decided to take another picture in front of the Tomorrowland sign. This photo was even better than the one we took on day one.
The Haunted Mansion is always a must during Halloween time because it gets a spooky Nightmare Before Christmas overlay complete with all your favorite characters, including Jack Skellington, Sally and Zero. The holiday overlay adds a more fun and magical aspect, from the characters to the decorations, everything about this overlay is amazing! Take a look for yourself...
TIP #4. CHECK OUT THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE INSIDE THE HAUNTED MANSION, Each year Disney creates a new gingerbread house for the attraction. It is located on the Grand Hall table. It's one of my favorite things to see while on the ride and each year it keeps getting better and better.
Another favorite things to see during Halloween Time at Disneyland is the Halloween Tree. If you walk through Frontierland, you can’t miss this beautifully decorated oak tree near the Golden Horseshoe Saloon. The tree is inspired by Ray Bradbury’s 1972 fantasy novel “The Halloween Tree.”  At night, you can see it glowing with its bright orange lights and its hand painted jack-o’-lanterns hanging from its branches. 
Usually on my last day at Disneyland during Halloween time I love to give my wallet a scare and do some shopping. I love everything Halloween and this BOOtiful caldron was a must! 
Besides shopping, Ricky and I also like to take a moment to appreciate the castle and its beauty. Plus seeing my favorite cat is always great. If you haven't ever notice Figaro he is to the left of the castle but I must warn you he is usually sleeping. 
Another thing I love to do on my last day at Disneyland during Halloween Time is take more pictures! TIP #5. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES AROUND YOU, yes everyone loves to take a picture in front of the Giant Mickey Pumpkin however, sometimes that line can be extremely long. So be creative and look at all your options, sometimes you don't have to wait an hour for a cute picture in front of the Pumpkin. Plus there is a ton of great photo opportunities all around the park.
Overall, Ricky and I had an absolutely wonderful time during Halloween Time at Disneyland, I am seriously considering buying ticket to attend a 2019 Mickey’s Halloween Party because it's so SPOOKtacular during this time of the year. I hope my tips, tricks and traditions help you plan an awesome trip. I'll see you all Wednesday with my Halloween Time at Disney California Adventures, you don't want to miss that post! Happy Hauntings!


  1. I love looking at pictures from Disneyland it's the best. I really liked all of your photos especially the ones of the Mickey pumpkin. They're so cute and came out really nice.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. Thank you! I love looking at picture from Disneyland too, they make me so happy.
      Girl, I'm tell you I love using the PhotoPass Photographers. The pictures come out great!


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