Halloween Time at Disney California Adventures

A spell has been cast and Oogie Boogie has risen from the shadows to take over the Disney California Adventures. For more than a decade Disneyland has been decorated during Halloween, but this is only the second year that Disney California Adventure has been decorated. Halloween has always been one of my favorite times to visit Disneyland but now that Halloween Time is celebrated at both parks, it's magical! Today I am excited to share with you all my trip to Disney California Adventures, so grab your brooms and let's explore Halloween Time at Disney California Adventures!
The Headless Horseman statue in Disney California Adventure is the first obvious photo stop. I love this Headless Horseman, you'll be surprised that most of the time the line to take a photo is not long. Maybe people don't like it but personally I think it's a great location for a photo, especially at night.  
Over in Cars Land, Haul-O-Ween has once again fallen upon Radiator Springs. Cars Land in DCA is what made me fall in love with Halloween Time at DCA. It’s nice to see Halloween get celebrated in DCA and the decorations are amazing! There's so much to see everywhere, it’s absolutely fantastic.
You definitely don’t want to miss taking a photograph in front of these signs at Cars Land, especially if you see a PhotoPass photographer ask them for a little help to grab the perfect picture. As you can tell this is one of our favorite locations to take a photograph. This is the second year Ricky and I recreate this photo and they turned out great!
I am a sucker for Halloween decorations and the decoration inside Cars Land are everything! I seriously wish I could take them home with me.
Trunk or Treat, give me something good to eat. This is another great photo location in Cars Land, especially because the sign gets changed after Halloween. 
The Spooky photo opportunities in Cars Lands are endless! This is one of my favorite locations to take a photograph, especially if you or the photographer has a fisheye lens. The creepy metal spiderweb above is so SPOOKtacular!
The magic really comes alive at night in Cars Lands when the music starts playing and the neon lightings in Radiator Springs start to light up.
In addition to all the spooky decorations around DCA one attraction that gets a spooky transformation is Guardians of the Galaxy - Monsters After Dark I'm already a hug fan of the regular Guardians of the Galaxy ride but Monsters After Dark is so awesome. We definitely rode it a couple times! See if you can find us in the pictures below. 
One place I was dying to take a picture was in Hollywood Land.  Right now they have these two walls painted, one wall has the balloons from UP and the other wall has Buzz Lightyear's wings. These walls are so cute and I couldn't help myself, so I had a mini photoshoot. 
Pixar Pier is Incredible...s! Pixar Pier is the long awaited revamp DCA needed. After Pixar Pier opened it made it hard for me to choose what park is my favorite. I do love Disneyland but DCA is dare I say again Incredible...s! Ricky and I truly enjoy spending as much time as we can at Pixar Pier, especially eating and drinking at the Lamplight Lounge. Keep and eye out for a future She & Him Adventures at  Lamplight Lounge.
Taking about Incredibles, the Incredicoaster is a childhood dream. Everything I ever wanted in a Incredibles ride is exactly what you get on the Incredicoaster.
After riding the Incredicoaster a few times back to back, we treated ourselves to a Jack Jack Cookie Num Nums and I kid you not this is the best warm-gooey cookie we have ever had!
Can I just make a note, all the food locations in Pixar Pier are so cute. It makes me want to buy everything!
As you can probably tell by this long post, Ricky and I love Pixar Pier. I almost forgot this is a Halloween Time post but I'm telling you can't miss taking a walk down Pixar Pier. It's amazing!
Lastly, I wanted to end this post with a few photographs that the amazing Disney PhotoPass photographers took of us during our trip. They truly capture every magical moment Ricky and I share. I can't stress how helpful it is to have a MaxPass when you visit the Disneyland or DCA. I highly suggest paying for it.
I seriously love visiting the Disneyland Resort during Halloween Time! The decorations, the pumpkins, the characters in their Halloween costumes, and the spooky attractions are exactly what we all need every year to get us into the spooky spirit. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven't already checked out my Halloween Time at Disneyland, click here! Stay Spooky and Happy Halloween ghouls!


  1. I love that they added the Headless Horseman and I think that was the perfect spot to do so. It looks so cool at night! I loved how Cars Land looked with all of it's decorations.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. DCA is so magical during Halloween! I love all of the CarsLand decorations!


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