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Welcome to another She & Him Adventures. Recently, Santana Row hosted their 4th annual Glass Pumpkin Festival. The festival took place from Friday, October 5th - Sunday, October 7th! Thousands of hand-blown pumpkins were on display at the Santana Row Park. It was such a cute festival and a perfect event for Fall. We took a few pictures to share, so join us for a She & Him Adventures at the Santana Row Annual Glass Pumpkin Festival. Let's begin!

Ricky and I stopped by on Saturday since we were around the neighborhood doing some shopping for our trip to Disneyland. Ricky actually suggested going to this glass pumpkin festival since he knows I love hand-blown glass artwork, especially pumpkins. We arrived bright and early to "avoid the crowd" but as you can tell it was pretty busy. I guess everyone loves pumpkins!
Upon arriving we saw a ton of beautiful or should I say, BOO-tiful pumpkins! I immediately wanted them all! Each glass pumpkin is crafted by renowned glass artisans from both BAGI (Bay Area Glass Institute) and around the country. 
This year they also had artists hand-blowing glass on-site! Artisans were doing live demonstrations showing how the pumpkins and other glass artwork are made. Here the artist was demonstrating how to do a glass horse. It was so cool!
There were so many pumpkins to choose from, all the glass pumpkins were the perfect addition to any fall decorations. These pumpkins were also unique gifts for friends and family. Some even make beautiful year-round display pieces. We loved that the pumpkins were available in a variety of colors, sizes and prices.
They even had teapots!
Don't mind me... I'm just looking for the perfect pumpkin.
I was living for all of the Spooky Pumpkins! I was really tempted to come home with one of these pumpkins but instead we came home with the following.
The two on the left are by Gathering Glass Studio, $33 each. Ricky purchased those two as gifts for his lovely parents. The BOO-tiful middle pumpkin Ricky purchased for me and it is by Ken and Ingrid Hanson, $42. Ken and Ingrid Hanson are a husband and wife collaborative glass blowing team. They have been working collaboratively for over ten years. Together they create these beautiful glass pumpkins. The two on the right are by another amazing husband and wife team, Walker And Bowes, $38 each. Michele Walker and Bobby Bowes live and work in San Jose. These two pumpkins are our favorite. When I saw the orange pumpkin with the black stripes I immediately knew it had to be mine and Ricky fell in love with this little pumpkin that had a little blue worm. We were so happy with our purchased, we couldn't have asked for a better day.
Ricky and I really enjoyed the Glass Pumpkin Festival at Santana Row. This was a once-a-year event and open to the public. If you didn't get a chance to go, I highly recommend going next year and I suggest coming early to find the perfect glass pumpkin! Thank you for joining us, Until next time!


  1. You look so cute! I love the glass pumpkins they're so beautiful. Rudy and I see them a lot whenever we go to Palo Alto. We were so tempted to purchase some in September but they're so pricey.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

    1. Thank you! ❤ Oh yeah they're definitely pricey! I wanted to buy a really big one but I couldn't they were too expensive.


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