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Akhob by James Turrell | She & Him Adventures

Welcome to another She & Him Adventures! Today we are visiting Akhob, a total color immersion art installation by James Turrell hidden on the top floor of a luxury handbag shop. I am beyond excited to share today's She & Him Adventures, so let's begin!
In 2013, Louis Vuitton commissioned a permanent James Turrell installation to occupy a hidden space on the fourth floor of its shop located at Crystal CityCenter on the Vegas Strip in Nevada. Akhob, a word from Egypt's Amarna period meaning pure water.

Prior to entering the installation, we had to wait for three other guests to arrive, since everyone needs to enter at the same time. The other guests were running late, so Noemy our Art Coordinator gave Ricky and I a private tour of the artwork around various areas of the Louis Vuitton shop. All the artwork was so beautiful, I wish I would of take photographs but Ricky and I were so immerse in the conversation that we totally forgot to take pictures. Once the other guests arrived we were ready to enter Akhob! Unfortunately, no photographs are allowed inside the installation but thanks to Google I am able to share a few pictures of this incredible experience.
(photo via Vegas Magazine)
Akhob, consists of circular openings leading into two huge chambers filled with slowly changing, rotating light. The whole experience was surreal, I did not know what to expect. When we first went in, we tried to be quiet and focused on the walls. The light show was slow moving, which we loved. It was a visual experience unlike any I have ever experienced. The changing colors gave the illusion of spacial movement. At times, the room had no walls due to visual effects. Certain color combination made  it nearly impossible to find the door through which we had just entered. I felt like I was isolated and staring into the void, especially because the art coordinator does not speak once we enter, unless you ask questions. The more I concentrated, the more the walls seemed to disappear at one point Ricky and I had to refocus because we felt like we were going to literally fall into nothing. 

After the art coordinator had a few hiccups with the "child-like" guests who were trying to takes pictures inside the installation, we exited Akhob. The other guest walked away rudely and didn't even thank the art coordinator. However, Ricky and I stayed and talked to her for while. She was very graceful and educated and knew we appreciated her and the arts. She gave us her business card; told us to come back again, and directed us to a few other of James Turrell's artworks around CityCenter, which we did not know of.
Besides the installation inside the Louis Vuitton shop, James Turrell also created Shades of Color, four large geometric scale pieces of colored light that occupy a sharply angled wall and an immersive light environment inside the shopping center’s tram station. The best can take photographs! Ricky and I took a ton of pictures to share, so here, enjoy!
Overall, we loved this incredible installation! My feelings and emotions inside Akhob were totally flipped. Las Vegas tends to make me anxious and stressed at times but I felt much calmer and introspective after leaving Akhob. It's a really neat hidden treasure and a really cool way to spend an hour, especially with everything else going on in Vegas. I highly recommend going, the installation is free and open to the public, but limited to four people at a time.  Your best bet is to get a group of people you know, especially a group of people that love art or at least can appreciate it. I suggest making a reservation as early as 6-8 weeks in advance. We scheduled our reservation a month in advance and even then it was nearly fully booked. They are open Thursday through Monday, 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. You will be required to sign a three-page release form and to remove your shoes when entering the installation. I found it to be wonderful experience, I will do it again the next time I am in town.
If you would love to check out another great installation by James Turrell, go check out Three Gems, located at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, or you can just wait for my She & Him Adventures.
Until next time!


  1. I love how color your photos are they’re so cool and you look so pretty.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

  2. Wow! What unusual photos and beautiful post!

    1. Thank you much! "I, Myself Am Strange and Unusual!"

  3. I'm surprised they let you take pictures in there! They didn't when I went but love the post!

    How To Get Invited To Blogging Events! | Beauty & Colour

    1. Hi Caitlin!

      Really? We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the actually installation inside the LV store but we were encourage to take picture of his other installations. How odd!

      Thank you for stopping by!


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