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29Rooms | She & Him Adventures

Welcome to another She & Him Adventure, 29Rooms edition! After three years in New York and a stop in LA, Refinery29 brought it's imaginative spirit to San Francisco for the first time. Refinery29, a lifestyle media company that highlights fashion and culture, finally launched it's own exhibition in San Francisco’s iconic Palace of Fine Arts. From June 21st to the 24th, Bay Area fans were able to come and experience 29Rooms. 29Rooms is an interactive art exhibition where each room gives the audience something new to think about. Whether it's gender equality, body positivity, or mental health each room has a unique presence and message behind the art. A-listers like Janelle Monáe, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chloe x Halle, and many more contributed to this fun exhibition. It's a creative fun house for adults, but kids are welcomed too! Ready to enter this interactive Instagram playground? I hope you enjoy.

Ricky and I arrived 15 minutes before our entry time, this was definitely an event we did not want to be fashionably late for. Like many events, there was a line but at exactly 3:00 PM everyone was let inside. For this event we had up to three hours to explore all 29 Rooms. Yes three hours! But personally three hours was more than enough. Ricky and I enjoyed everything we wanted in less than three hours. 

room 1&2: Become the masterpiece

"Whether abstract or expressive, minimal or conceptual, no matter your style, never forget you are a masterpiece in progress." American installation artist Alexa Meade, painted a two sided wall, fun clothes and props so you can play dress up and disappear into the painting. I was blown away when I was this interactive installation and after seeing our picture I knew coming here was totally worth it. It also made me even more excited for the rest of the rooms.

ROOM 3: art heals

Inside this room filled with large round paper lanterns you were able to pick up a brush and start painting your worries away! This rooms was so therapeutic. Art can truly heal, it can also change your outlook, your mindset, and ultimately your life. This room was in collaboration with The Art of Elysium.
You will notice I won't be speaking about all 29 rooms. Some rooms were personally not our interests or had a long line, so we decided to skip on them.

room 5: LOVE IS LOVE

"Pride is not just an LGBTQIA parade. It’s a daily commitment to loving yourself and whomever you damn well please." In collaboration with graphic designer Kate Moross, this room allowed you to show your true colors under the archway in the name of love is love. Did you know each stripe of the rainbow flag carries a powerful, universal meaning: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, and violet for the human spirit! I truly believe love is love. I immediately fell in love with this room not only was it visually beautiful but it also carried a beautiful meaning.

ROOM 6: ocean of creativity

Visual artist JeeYoung Lee, crafted an ocean of creativity entirely from salvaged materials. Inside this room you were encouraged to reflect on your own journey. 

ROOM 9: hear our voices

"Whether visual or performing, we believe art can be a catalyst for movement and social change." In collaboration with Women’s March, this room empowered you to channel our creativity, unite, and use the power of our voices to be heard! The aesthetic of this room was everything! Pink everywhere, powerful posters, and incredible messages all over the walls. This was definitely one of my favorites rooms!

ROOM 10: just be

In collaboration with Ashlee Haze, Jonathan Rosen, and Wallplay. This room was created for us to know we are worthy, we are enough, and we can JUST BE. We all have unique characteristics and flaws, but just remember our bodies are magnificent in their own way. 

ROOM 13: erotica in bloom

Artist Maisie Cousins is know to blurs the lines between sex, art, and nature. Inside this multi-sensory experience, she invites you to step up and go inside these large orchid pods to take your senses on an erotic thrill ride. This was such a beautiful installation and let me just say this was truly erotica in bloom. I don't know why but I felt very flirtatious inside this installation. I kept flirting with Ricky, he even caught it on video. 

ROOM 16&17: rainbow voyage

In collaboration with Marina Fini, on the 40th anniversary of the rainbow flag’s creation, this installation allowed you to set your true self free on this Rainbow Pride Float set above the clouds. Marina Fini you are amazing!!! This was 100% my favorite installation! Both Ricky and I had so much fun, we both felt like two little love birds on top of a colorful universe. 

ROOM 18: bright future

Planned Parenthood has always helped those who have nowhere else to turn. Planned Parenthood you've truly outdone yourself with this installation! This installation was one of the first things that immediately caught my attention, mainly because it was so bright. Which is perfect because this installation was called Bright Future. My mini but semi-long photo session was so much fun and I can proudly say, I stand with Planned Parenthood and the millions of women who Planned Parenthood could continue to help. 

ROOM 22: Tell us your secret

Inspired by the upcoming film A Simple Favor, this room was powered by the universal truth that everyone has secrets, even me....muahaha! Director Paul Feig (I love you Tim!) and the beautiful actress Anna Kendrick, created this room to share some of the main characters darkest secrets. You were invite to dive deeper into the mystery by sharing your own secrets. This was an interesting room, some of the secrets were interesting but what I enjoyed the most was the photo opportunity. Ricky captured a really beautiful picture of me and the best part is it was semi candid. I was totally not ready but Ricky snapped away and took this picture of me. 


"Through the weaponization of technology, mass surveillance, and cultural uniformity, many argue that modern society is waging an invisible war against us all." In collaboration with singer Janelle Monáe, this installation allows you to step into the ranks of a surreal army of surveillance as you're watched, recorded, and transmitted.


"There are few things stronger than the bond sisters share with each other. Whether it’s forged at birth or blossomed through friendship, all women share this connectivity, this feeling of being a sister to one another." Chloe X Halle and Benjamin Shine collaborated together to create this gorgeous moving tulle installation. This work of art was surreal and beautiful! I wish I could see more of this magical collaboration. 


To be honest I was kind of confused on the 29th room, I didn't see any secret door, as a matter a fact I didn't see anyone in this area. I wasn't sure if I was missing a room but all I could find in this location was this 29Rooms backdrop, which I love. Anyways, I think the 29th room was just a collection of the entire event. However, I did learn that a portion of the proceeds for this event was going to Step Up (a nonprofit empowering young women in under-resourced communities), so it made me feel really good about coming here. 

After all the rainbows, flowers, neon lights, and Instagram worthy pictures, I left 29Rooms reminded of the importance of always being open minded. We're so stuck in our ways and social media that we often ignore the lives and struggles of others. This exhibition made me learn many facts I did not know and also things I should change in my everyday life. Ricky and I had a total blast at this beautiful exhibition! I highly suggest going to 29Rooms if it's coming to a city near you, you are in for a great experience!

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Until next time!


  1. This place looks like so much fun. I'm still bummed I missed out on it. After each room I would tell myself this ones my favorite, no wait actually this one is, NO THIS ONE IS! So much beautiful art work everywhere definitely an Instagram worthy place.


    1. Haha! That's how I felt when I was there and when I was editing my photos for this post.
      I still have a ton of photos I want to share.

    2. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!


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