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You scream! I scream! We all scream for ICE CREAM!
Welcome to another She & Him Adventures, The Museum of Ice Cream! The Museum of Ice Cream was first brought to San Francisco in 2017 after launching in NY and LA. When I first heard the Museum of Ice Cream was coming to San Francisco I marked the date on my calendar and was determine to get tickets. However, when the first round of tickets got released I had no luck! Second and third round of tickets and still no luck! Finally at the fourth round of tickets I was able to score some tickets! Sweet!

There really aren’t any other words I could use to describe this experience. I seriously just want to live there, it's a millennial pink lover's dream. I had so much fun with Ricky and we took so many photos and they say pictures are worth 1,000 words, right? So here, enjoy!


Before getting into Museum of Ice Cream, we enter the ice cream vault where a crew member gathered a small groups of people between 10-15. He gave us a mini quiz before entering the Museum of Ice Cream. It was relatively easy and quick. I also learned a few history facts for example the birth of Ice Cream goes back to almost 1,500 years (618 AD) to the Chinese Tang Dynasty. How awesome is that?


The first room we walked into was the Carnival room. This room had a ring toss game on whipped cream cans. The walls had pink and white stripes with pink little toys and carnival tickets on the floor as seen above. In this room you'll also find the first video booth. I wish I could include the clip of Ricky and I but I'll figure that out later. Unfortunately, Ricky and I didn't play the ring toss game because we were too busy taking pictures and playing around with the video booth.


Next, we walked right in to the 50's and entered Marye's diner. This diner was covered in millennial pink!!! I gasped! This was probably one my favorite room at the museum because Ricky and I got some tasty Double Rainbow ice cream and we also took the most adorable. It's seriously my favorite picture of us.


After the adorable diner we entered the Dream room. This room was filled with pink alphabet magnets and you were able to put any dream or statement you wanted on the walls. As you can see above, Ricky and I put our names surrounded by a heart. This was a really cute room and what I love the most was the mochi ice cream they gave us at the exit of the room. Yum!

After the Dream room, we were immediately handed a stick of cotton candy to enter the Cherry on Top room. I must note I normally hate cotton candy, it's a texture things but this cotton candy was the best ever! I suggest to savor each bite, it's delicious!


At the start of the tour, they make you vow you won’t touch the cherries. Boo! I tried really hard not to touch the cherries but I was tempted. This was my second favorite room, the room with pink skies and floating cherries. Plus, Ricky got some really good pictures of me and like I said the cotton candy was BOMB!


Next we entered the Gummy Garden room, similar to the cherries we vow we wouldn't touch the gummy bears. However, you can sit on the pink grass in the Gummy Garden just ask a staff member before walking up.


The next room was all about Popsicles! This room was so nostalgic, it brought back so many childhood memories. It was another favorite of mine, the wallpaper was everything. In this room you can also find the second and last video booth.

*Sees iridescent prisms* Cue the photo shoot!


After the iridescent prisms, we entered the the rainbow room! This room felt straight out of the 70’s filled with rainbows, a unicorn and ice cream cones!! As you can see above, you can sit on the unicorn or you can take tons of pictures against the walls. As you can probably tell I was really feeling myself in this room. Lastly, the "unicorn milk" ice cream cone they gave us in this room was delicious and adorable!

Before exiting the Rainbow room, we crawled into the disco ball room. It was a fun little crawl space and it totally felt like we were inside a disco ball. 


Next, if you were up for a challenge then the rock candy wall was for you. Ricky was immediately up for the challenge and he climbed up that wall so fast! I tried but immediately failed. However, Ricky totally made me look like a pro in this picture. Hehe! Afterwards, a crew member handed us some pop rocks candy, which totally goes with the Rock Candy room. I gotta admit, I was living for all of the treats they were giving us! Side note: That top right picture of Ricky is so Hot!!!! 


Next, we finally entered The Sprinkle Pool. I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the Sprinkle Pool all over Instagram. This pool is every kid's dream, an entire pool made out of sprinkles! Come on! Good news is the sprinkles are not real, they're just plastic. So no need to worry about any sticky mess, just make sure you don't eat them. Unlike the other rooms the sprinkle pool is timed. They kick you out after 2-3 minutes, so make sure you take your photos fast. Even though it's a short and sweet dip into the sprinkle pool, Ricky and I truly enjoyed our time in the Sprinkle Pool. We even managed to get some really cute pictures. Make sure to take advantage of the props inside the pool, the pink heart was a hit!

sweet swings

Finally we arrived at the end! Once you've made it to the banana swings, you officially completed the Museum of Ice Cream experience! Here Ricky and I got to sit back, swing a bit, and enjoy the last moments of this truly magical experience. In this large exiting lobby, there’s a banana swing, a double pink swing and a whip cream swing.  I loved the banana swing it gave me Warhol vibes, but  swinging with Ricky in the double pink swings was so much fun.

The visit to the Museum of Ice Cream finally ends with one last chance to eat some Museum of Ice Cream exclusive ice cream flavors, play some ping pong, or shop at the gift shop.

If you stayed with me this entire post, you are amazing! Ricky and I had so much fun! I highly recommend going to the Museum of Ice Cream if you can. I firmly believe this place should be on everyone’s bucket list! I hope you were able to soak in all the ice cream goodness I experience at the Museum of Ice Cream. If you are planning a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream, I hope this post helps you plan a magical trip. If you already did go, leave a comment below with your favorite room. I’d love to hear! See you all next time, bye!


  1. I loved this post so much. So in love with all your cute photos. I can’t wait to go and experience this. I’m so happy that I remembered to look for tickets this time.


    1. Thank you so much Juliana! I can't wait to see your future MOIC post!

  2. I need to go to the Museum of Ice Cream, this is such a nice post. ♥

    1. You really should.
      It's fun, the treats are delicious and the photo ops are everything!


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