Today I have for you all another life update post, also known as my Currently series. There's been so many things I've been currently loving, watching, planning, eating, and I wanted to share them with you all. So, without further ado let's get into my currently...
The weekend, not the artist but the actual weekend. I am always excited for the weekend, for the past two months it feels like my boyfriend and I have something fun to do. Either go to a concert, a movie, a gathering with friends or visit our hometown. Let's just say I've been enjoying this summer to the fullest! Another thing I've been loving is my motivation. If I have a goal, big or small, I love the motivation I have to accomplish it. You can't always rely on people, so you need to find the drive within you to motivate yourself. Lately, I've been motivating myself to become more confident with my body. I've notice in the past few months I've gain what people would call "happy weight." What can I say all these trips my boyfriend and I have been having, have lead us to some of the most delicious food we have ever had. So my goal is to mainly tone my body, get it back to where it was and gain some muscle. I rather do it now while I am young than years later when I have gain an excessive amount of weight and my body has changed dramatically. I officially started working out daily this past Monday, July 10th. I have an awesome boyfriend who is helping me work out. However, yesterday my work-out was done all by myself since I got off early and I wanted to put in my work-out before he got off. I feel so energized throughout the day and I've been getting some of the best sleep ever at night. If I continue to feel this great I might have to make it a lifestyle!
Since I started to work-out daily I've also changed my eating habits. I already cooked pretty healthy for the most part but I've officially gone Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Meat-Free. I am also cutting off soda and any sugary drinks. I'm only drinking water with an occasional San Pellegrino Sparkling Beverage, the Prickly Pear & Orange is my favorite. Currently I am on day four and I am loving it. Yes I miss my Iced Caramel Macchiato, my cheese food, and eating chicken. However, I know cutting them off will help tremendously in achieving my goal. Surprisingly, it's been easy. I've found great substitutes for milk, meat, and items containing gluten. I'm still looking for a cheese substitute, so hopefully I can find one soon. I am also trying to go a whole month without coffee but I might drink it eventually, I'll just substitute the milk with almond or coconut milk. At the moment, I don't feel I need coffee because I am so happy drinking my water infused with fresh fruits & herbs. I am so excited for this change in my life and to see the changes in my body. 
The only new show I am currently watching is Queen Sugar, it tells the story of the Bordelon siblings in Louisiana. At the center of the family are Nova, a journalist and activist; Charley, the wife and manager of an NBA player; and formerly incarcerated father Ralph Angel, who is searching for redemption. Following a tragedy in the family, the siblings must put their complicated lives aside so that they can come together to run the clan's struggling sugar cane farm. I was recommended this show by one of my friends and let's just say I binged watch season one and I am currently watching season two as it airs. It's such a good show, it has great visuals, an awesome soundtrack, and an amazing cast. I highly recommended if you are into drama series. The two other shows I am currently re-watching on and off in anticipation for the new season are Game of Thrones, new season start this Sunday July 16th and Rick and Morty, new season starts July 30th. 
Outsideland 2017! I seriously can't wait, we are only a few weeks away and I am so happy. Last year, Outsideland was incredible. So many great bands, comedians, art, and don't get me started on the incredible food. The only thing is I need to book a hotel like ASAP! We weren't planning on staying out in the city but last year we enjoyed not having to travel back at night, so we want to do the same this year. If you want to check out my She & Him Adventures: Outsidelands 2016 post click here.
My boyfriend's birthday is next month and this past month I've been planning his birthday celebration. He's not huge on his birthday but I still love to treat him, he's my best friend and an amazing boyfriend. Currently, I am planning on heading back on a Friday after work to our hometown. We will spend time with our family that evening and on Saturday morning we will drive up to Napa Valley and stay there throughout Sunday. I am planning on going wine tasting at a few of the wineries. I also want to drive up to Calistoga to see the Castello di Amorosa, the famous 13th century style winery. Since my boyfriend loves wine and the scenery is beautiful out in Napa Valley, I feel he will enjoy this trip. Lastly, his birthday fall on the Monday after our trip so I am planning on taking him out to eat on his actual birthday. The two places I am contemplating on taking him are Din Tai Fung, popular global chain known for elevated dim sum and Asian dishes or Roots & Rye, an industrial chic restaurant and bar featuring modern takes on American classics and whiskey cocktails. We've been wanting to go to Din Tai Fung forever, especially the one in Seattle and Root & Rye is known for their amazing whiskey cocktails and my boyfriend loves his whiskeys. I think either places will be a great choice, I just cant choose which one.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this Currently post. I love updating you all with stuff currently happening in my life. I have so much fun writing these. Until next time!


  1. I was eating Doritos and grapes while reading this.. *sweat smiley face* I'm so proud of you and I'm looking forward to seeing more updates about working out and eating healthy. Those two things are so hard for me, but I love that you got motivation and a boyfriend that is welling to help you. & I've been to Napa before but never for Wine tasting and this year I'll be going for my Big's birthday so I'm guys are going for Ricky's. & Happy Early birthday to him. &I I'm more than sure any restaurant choose he'll like it. Good luck and keep it up with eating healthy and working out.

    1. Hey at least you were eating a fruit! That's good. And thank you and I'll most definitely keep updating you all on my journey. It's been a week and toward the end of the week I was having major cravings but I think I have stayed strong and surpass that bump. We will see!

      P.S: Ricky says thank you!

  2. Napa sounds so lovely. Rudy always wants to go there, but for some reason or another we never do. I'm relying on you to take tons of pictures so I can pretend I was also there haha.


    1. Awww, I'm definitely taking a lot of pictures, so expect a post dedicated to this trip! ♥


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