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Welcome to another She and Him Adventures! Last time I shared with you all our trip to Seattle, Washington. Seattle was so much fun and had incredible views but today I will be sharing with you all our trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I hope you enjoy.

Ricky and I arrived to Vancouver a bit later than we expected but the good part was our room was available. We stayed in the Century Plaza Hotel & Spa, a home-away-from-home kind of hotel and only 6 minutes away from Robson Street's upscale shopping and a 4 minute walk from Davie Street's restaurants and nightlife. 
I loved our hotel! It was such a cozy hotel, it felt like a home and I loved how it had a separate "office space," If I was blogging or working during my trip I would of definitely gotten some use out of this space.  
Look at the view from out room! Love it!
After checking in we were starving! So we headed over to Gastown, Vancouver's oldest neighborhood. It was a Saturday and the streets of Gastown were already pack with people. A friend of ours had recommended us to try The Flying Pig, a popular and stylish spot serving upscale New Canadian cuisine and cocktails. When we got there, it was so pack everyone was there for an early dinner. The wait was about an hour if you wanted a table, however they had a community table were more than one group of people can sit and eat together. So we decided to skip the wait and sit with other people. Before I get into what we ordered, the community table which only sat 4-5 people was great, no one was sitting there when we got seated and no one else got seated the entire time. I say that was a win! We beat the hour wait and got our own table. 
First we started with the Truffled Jumbo Macaroni made with 4 cheeses and truffle. Normally I am not a fan of macaroni but if you put truffle, I am in love. For our entree I ordered the Mount Lehman Roasted Half Chicken with buttermilk mash, peas & carrots. Ricky ordered the Duo of Haida Gwaii Halibut & BC Salmon, locally sourced and sustainable seafood. Both of these dishes were beyond delicious. I can't even begin to explain how amazing they were and the portions were perfect. The atmosphere in this restaurant was very rustic and chill and the waiters were very friendly. I highly recommend coming to this restaurant, I will definitely be coming back here if I'm ever in Vancouver again. 
After dinner we decided to go check out Canada Place, this iconic complex is built to look like a ship but houses a convention centre, hotel and ferry terminal.

From the side of Canada Place there was also a great view of these awesome Red Cranes. Totally reminded me of the East Bay.
The sun was starting to set and we saw on our map that there was a park not too far from the Canada place, so after taking a few picture we headed over to CRAB park at Portside.
I'm kind of cheesy but moments like this where we are just enjoying the beauty around us is what I enjoy in life. 

After sunset, we headed back to Gastown to enjoy the night life.
 The next day we woke up bright and early and were determined to ride bikes through Vancouver Seawall. We decided to walk a portion and walked through the beautiful Habour sidewalk. 
Unfortunately, after getting to the point where you turn to the Vancouver Seawall we realize it was close due to Marathon that was still going on. So we switched our plans and headed toward Stanley Park, Vancouver's largest urban park.
After walking for hours we were in need of some food! So we headed over to Jam Cafe, a rustic cafe with updated comfort food including eggs Benedict and pancakes. This cafe was the bomb but we waited for two hours! Yes two hours but the food was beyond worth the wait!
I ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict, Two poached eggs, smoked Steelhead salmon with classic hollandaise over a toasted english muffin. Topped with capers & green onion. The eggs were nicely poached, buttery with a hint of lemon and the Hollandaise had a nice silky consistency. The hasbrowns were delicious, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I was kind of worried about the capers because I've had them twice and I hated them but they have totally changed my mind about capers. I loved them! 
 Ricky ordered the Pork Belly Benedict, Two poached eggs, two pieces of pork belly, onion jam, bbq sauce, and classic hollandaise over a toasted english muffin.
To share we ordered the Double Stack Pancakes, Two stack pancakes with cinnamon cream cheese swirl, served with Canada's famous maple butter syrup. All I gotta say is best breakfast ever!

After our delicious breakfast we headed over to Coopers' Park to get a view of the Science World Globe at TELUS World of Science.
These views are incredible here. 
After walking around Cooper's park we ended up at Yaletown, an area of Downtown Vancouver. We checked out a few shops and did some shopping.

To end the night we ended up at Tacofino, listed as one of the best taco restaurants in Vancouver. I was a bit hesitate coming her because I like authentic Mexican food but I am glad I came. The food was great and it was a different kind of Mexican food. Definitely hipster food!
We ordred 2 Fish Tacos, made with pacific cod with salsa fresca, and chipotle mayo. 2 Chicken Tacos with pickled vegetables, epazote chimichurri, and buttermilk chili crema. Lastly, I forgot the name of the last "taco" we ordered but it was more like nachos made with Fritos and chorizo. Everything was pretty good, our favorite was the Fish taco but we both loved the pickled vegetable on the chicken tacos.  

Well that's the end of this grand trip to Vancouver. Stay tune because I will be posting in the near future three separate She & Him Adventures to the Japanese Garden in Portland, and Seattle's MoPop and the Chihuly Garden & Glass museum. Thank you for reading this very long post and I hoped you enjoyed all of the photographs. 

Pepper's Favorite:
Restaurant: The Flying Pig
Place: Gastown
Attraction: Habour walk

Ricky's Favorite:
Restaurant: Jam
Place: Gastown
Attraction: Nightlife


  1. Canada looks beautiful. Hopefully I'll be able to visit one day, and get those yummy peach candy you brought me haha.

    1. Canada was so pretty! I really want to go again but to Toronto or Montreal. ❤

  2. These pictures are everything! The views are stunning. The nightlife in Gastown looks so peaceful! & Are we going to ignore the fact that all the plating was well done?

    1. Thank you! ❤ Gastown was so cool. I definitely recommend visiting that town.
      Right! Girl I'm all about food plating and when they brought out these dishes I was so impressed! Not only did it look good, it tasted amazing!

  3. If and when I go to Vancouver, I will definitely be going to Gastown.

    1. If and when, oh that reminds me of the old pledging days. Lol

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