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Welcome to another She and Him Adventures! Last week I shared with you all our trip to Portland, Oregon. Portland was definitely a place we loved and we see ourselves moving there, possibly. Anyways, today I will be sharing with you all our trip to Seattle, Washington. I hope you enjoy.

Ricky and I arrived to Seattle around noon and luckily our room was available so we quickly checked it and dropped off our bags and headed to Pike Street to find somewhere to eat. 
We ended up at Cycene, a breakfast and lunch spot known for their Southern-style sandwiches and grits bowls. In the past year Ricky and I have fallen in love with Southern food, especially grits! I ordered the Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich, it had thick cut ham, pimento cheese, swiss cheese, and pickles. Ricky ordered the Pulled Pork Grits, the grits come with East North Carolina bbq sauce, red peppers, and sweet corn. This was our first meal in Seattle and we were so impressed! I normally dislike pickles, especially if they get warm between food but something about this combination was just perfect! Ricky's grits were also delicious. We ended up sharing food because both plates were too good! I'm not going to lie I wanted to come and eat here the next day but we didn't, there was bunch of other places we wanted to try. 
After brunch we headed over to the famous Pike Place Public Market. Obviously, we needed to take typical touristy pictures in front of the Public Market sign.  
Inside the Pike Place Public Market, they sold some of the most beautiful bouquets of tulips. Ricky wanted to buy me some flowers but since we were still traveling up north I said no but they were so beautiful!
In case you didn't read my last She & Him Adventures, I am a sucker for neon signs and Pike Place Public Market had a ton! The Loback Meat co. sign was probably my favorite. 
Later on we headed over to the famous Gum Wall, The Market Theater Gum Wall is a brick wall covered in used chewing gum, in an alleyway in downtown Seattle. It is located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market. Going to the gum wall was both an awesome and disgusting experience. Yeah, you can definitely take some pretty cool picture but all the melted gum on the floor that kept getting stuck underneath my shoes was kind of gross. 
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, kudos if you see it!
Nonetheless, Ricky and I were able to get some pretty bad ass pictures in front of the gum wall. Possible profile picture?
After walking around the Pike Place Public Market, we headed over to the hotel to freshen up because spontaneously our college friend (Mar) who now lives in Seattle messaged us to see if we wanted to go to a local concert with her. 
The three of us decided to grab dinner before we headed to the concert. She took us to Pestle Rock, a stylish eatery that features Thai food from the Isan Peninsula. Ricky ordered the Ka Na Muu Grob, a Chinese broccoli dish with crispy pork belly and a side of white rice. I ordered the Kao Soi, a northern Thai curry egg noodle cooked with chicken and topped with red onion, pickled mustard greens and crispy noodles. This was my second time eating Thai food but it was soooo delicious, I can't even explain how tasty it was. I don't think I've ever had curry, well Indian curry I have but this Thai curry was beyond amazing! Now I am in a hunt for a local Thai restaurant here in San Jose.
After dinner we headed over to the venue, the two artists we were seeing that night was Moorea Masa and Liz Vice. This was such a chill concert, it was a small venue, so it was very close and personal. The two ladies had incredible voices and great personalities. Ricky and I are so grateful that our friend invited us. To end the night, after the concert Ricky and I ventured out to a small speakeasy our friend Mar recommend called, Bathtub Gin & Co. It was located in the basement boiler room of a former hotel and they are know for their Prohibition-era cocktails and international gin. It was such a cool spot, in the most random location. I definitely recommend checking this place out if you aren't claustrophobic because it was a pretty small place and I think the max capacity is like 12 people. 
The next morning we woke up early and headed to the highly recommended Biscuit Bitch, a funky coffee and biscuit house specialist in serving Southern-inspired food. Yeah I know Southern food again, I told you we love southern food! The line was pretty long when we got there and we realize they didn't have any seating inside, well beside a bench inside and the seating outside was all occupied. 
I ordered the Easy Bitch, grits, biscuit and gravy topped with two eggs. Ricky ordered the Bitchwich, a biscuit Sandwich with egg, cheddar cheese, and your choice of Sausage, SPAM or Bacon, Ricky ordered it with sausage. It might look simple but the grits and the sandwich was jam-packed with flavor. Ricky did mention that his sandwich was a bit messy to eat, he actually ended up using a spoon because it was oozing out but nonetheless we both finished it all and it was definitely worth the wait. 
After having breakfast we headed over to check out the Amazon’s Spheres. These spheres are the newest Amazon downtown Seattle campus. The new spaces are intended to be used as a gathering place for Amazon's workers. These spheres are massive, they are still under construction but they look amazing! The three new structures will open in 2018, maybe I can get my sister (Amazon employee) to take me there when they open. 
After checking out the Spheres we headed over to the beautiful Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room. Many of our friends had mentioned that visiting this Starbucks is a must! 
This Starbucks is so beautifully made and classy but busy! This place is definitely created for coffee nerds. As you walk in you quickly get the aroma of coffee. I would say you can easily spend hours here exploring everything. If you are ever in Seattle I highly recommend visiting this location, don't just visit the original Starbucks on Pike Place. 
After having some coffee, we headed over to the iconic landmark of the Pacific Northwest, The Space Needle. I was so excited to go up to the top. Ricky not as much, he kind of hates heights but he's a trooper. 
The view from the top of the Space Needle was so beautiful! However it was so windy, the wind was literally pushing me back.
Thanks Ricky for this picture, I love it! After walking around the Space Needle we headed over to the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) and the Chihuly Garden and Glass. I have so many beautiful pictures of those two places that I decided to make a separate post, so make sure to keep an eye out for that post.
Later on that day we walked or more like hiked up to Kerry Park, a small park on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill. The streets up to this park were so steep, I was so tired by the time we got to the park. 
Another park we were dying to visit but weren't sure if we were going to have time was Gas Works Park, this park was a former Seattle Gas Light Company and it contains remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the United States. 
This park was so cool! We loved all the greenery and the rusty plant look so awesome against all the green!
We both loved this park so much, I recommend coming here and doing a picnic. The views alone are incredible. 
After Gas Work Park we visited the famous Fremont Troll. It's been a dream of mine to visit this weird sculpture. I knew it was a big sculpture but I was kind of surprised at how large it was, I was kind of scared. 
After all the walking we treated ourselves to some porters from the Fremont Brewing Company. Later on that day, we ended our second night in Seattle with some sushi and some sake and called it a night.  
The next morning we packed our stuff, checked out, left our luggage with the front desk, and headed out for our last adventure in Seattle before we traveled up to Vancouver. First we visited the First Starbucks Store on Pike Street! We ordered our coffee and bought a souvenir. 
For breakfast we went to Piroshky Piroshky, a compact Russian bakery located in Pike Place Market serving over 20 varieties of handmade piroshki. Both Ricky and I ordered the Ham, Cheese, and Spinach piroshki. We walk to the end of Pike Street, where we both sat and enjoyed our coffee and piroshki. By the way, Piroshky Piroshky is a must try, so good!
After breakfast we walked over to Lake Union Park, a 12-acre park located in the South Lake Union neighborhood. The weather was nice, the sky was beautiful, and the views at this park were breathtaking. Take a look for yourself...
We couldn't have ask for a better way to end our trip to Seattle. Once we walked around this beautiful park we wrapped up and headed back to the hotel to grab our luggage. I hope you enjoyed this very long post, if you aren't subscribe you should because soon I'll be posting our adventure in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Thank you for reading!

Pepper's Favorite:
Restaurant: Pestle Rock
Place: Gas Works Park
Attraction: Space Needle

Ricky's Favorite:
Restaurant: Cycene
Place: Gas Work Parks
Attraction: MoPop


  1. Seattle is so beautiful. I love how fresh and green everything is, because it rains so much haha. I'm so excited and nervous to go back. Like always I love all your photos. You look so pretty with the stripe shirt and red lip!

    1. I loved Seattle, or I should say Washington. I would love to go back to visit neighboring cities, everything was so pretty! Oh and thank you, I'll have to remind myself to wear stripes and red lipstick! ♥

  2. WOW! These pictures are everything. & the fact that you guys want to possibly move to Portland is amazing! Lol, that gum wall was very interesting. & I spotted Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! My favorite views/locations were Public Market Center, The Space needle, Lake Union Park & the Starbucks. I'm excited for the Vancouver post.

    1. Thank you! ♥♥♥ We would love to move to Portland but first one or the both of us have to find a job there before we commit to moving.

      Awwww I love that you shared your favorite views! ♥
      Just heads up I think the Vancouver post wont be as great. We didn't get to do everything that we wanted and we were also so tired toward the end of the trip.

  3. Yes very true, I agree lol.
    & its okay I think your pictures itself are good enough for me. (:

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