Hello Summer Bucket List

It’s finally Summer! What are your best Summer memories? Was it laying on a bright sunny beach or making s'mores on those warm summer night. Ah, warm summer nights! Those are my favorite! Now that Summer has begun you might find yourself with some extra free time and with nothing to do. No worries! I've created the ultimate Summer Bucket list to make sure this Summer is the best Summer ever! Let's get going!

• Picnic at a local park. 🌲
• Visit a water park.
• Go to Disneyland! (You know I am!)
• Enjoy a summer sunset. 🌅
• Go to a BBQ Party.
• Grab brunch at a new restaurant.
• Go to a Farmers Market. 🍒
 Chill at a music festival. (Outsideland)
• Watch a Baseball game. ⚾
• Enjoy a nice cold beer. (if your are 21+)
• Go wine tasting. 🍷 (Napa Valley is great!)
• Roadtrip!
• Go camping. 
• Visit a beach. 🏖
• Build a bonfire.
• Go on a hike.
• Work out. (This is a must for me!)
• Light sparklers on the 4th of July.
• Go sailing. ⛵
• Ride bikes.
• Take a family photo.
• Go to a Carnival. 🎡
• Plant a garden of flower, herbs and veggies. 🌻
• Go bowling.
• Have ice cream for dinner! 🍦(One night)
• Read a book.
• Lounge by a pool.
• Visit a new town.

The best way to have the best Summer ever is to explore! I like to try new things, exploring new places is always a great adventure! Are you ready for a Summer filled with adventures? I know I am! I hope this Summer Bucket List comes handy this Summer. 

Stay cool & Happy Summer!


  1. I need to start writing down a list of things I want to do because then I completely forget. I've been telling Rudy for us to go on a picnic but last weekend was wayyy too hot haha. I definitely want to go swimming this summer too need to find a private pool though ugh!

    1. I love lists! I always make a list of the things I want to do and I also keep a separate list of the memorable stuff Ricky and I have done so far this year. Same here for the picnic. Last time we were in SF we were like darn we should of had a picnic. I'm hoping to go soon to Dolores Park and enjoy a picnic!

  2. I had a Summer Bucket list read too go but I ended up deleting because it was so basic! lol, But I want to do half of the things on this list! Disneyland, Baseball game, road trip, a bonfire, and hiking are definitely on my list! Thumbs up for the Summer Bucket list and good luck!

    1. Thank you sis! I'm hoping to accomplish a few of these things for sure. Disneyland is a must. I feel like I haven't gone in forever!

  3. Sounds like a fun summer, happy summer Imelda.

  4. Amazing bucket list. I should really make one and try to tick off as many things as possible.

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

    1. Thank you so much! Ticking stuff off is what I love about making lists! ❤


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