What I Pack For My Travels

Over the years, what I carry when I travel has changed a lot. I tend to go very minimal when it comes to clothing but I do like to carry a lot of gear related items. I hate forgetting thing when I'm traveling and whether it's your first trip or your hundredth trip, it can happen. It’s always helpful to have a list of what items you may want to pack. Since today is the first day of my trip I figured I should share with you all my travel list along with some helpful tips.

First, I recommend a luggage that is versatile, lightweight and big enough to hold all your essentials. I like to take as little as possible, I only tend to take the essentials. I don't like to over-pack or carry unnecessary items. I always like to have extra space in my luggage in case I purchase any items during my trip, which always tends to happen.

• Passport
• ID
• Health insurance cards
• Reservations and itineraries
• Emergency contacts
• Foreign Currency (if necessary)

It’s always a good to double check your passport and IDs aren’t expired. You don't want to end up at the airport or in a foreign country with your documents expired. It's also a good idea to inform your bank if you’re traveling abroad. You don't want them to assume it's a fraud and end up with a hold on your account. 

• Light jacket
• Basic T-shirts
• Pair of jeans
• Sweater
• Leggings
• Pair of sneakers
• Dress (in case of a formal occasion)
• Pair of dressy shoes
• Socks
• Undergarments
• Pajamas/sleepwear

You want to pack smart and think about the places you'll be visiting. For example, on this trip I won't pack a swimsuit because I know I will be surrounded by cold weather. However, if I was going to Hawaii or somewhere with nice weather, packing a swimsuits would be a must. So just pack smart.

• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Dental floss
• Mouthwash
• Razor
• Shaving Creme
• Small bottle of shampoo/conditioner
• Soap Bar or Shower gel
• Loofah
• Brush & Hair ties
• Deodorant
• Lotion
• Perfume
• Makeup Bag (I only carry the basic for an everyday look)
• Feminine hygiene products (If necessary)
• Hand sanitizer
• Tylenol/Benadryl (keep in it's original packaging)

I tend to carry my toiletries in my checked baggage, so I don't need to worry about the rules but if you are carrying your toiletries in your carry-on, keep it light and TSA-approved. 

• Sunglasses
• Notebook
• Pen
• Hair Straightener

Most of these items I tend to carry in my purse with the exception of the hair straightener.

• Laptop
• Camera
• Memory Cards
• iPhone
• Apple Watch
• Headphones
• Chargers
• Portable chargers

Since these items are valuable, I recommend using a backpack or duffle-bag to carry these as your personal item on the flight. It's also a good idea to carry an outfit in your personal item, in case your luggage gets lost.

I hope this comes handy if you are traveling. In the end, everyone has different needs when it comes to packing but this list definitely meets my needs. 

Do you have any tips for packing? Comment below and happy travels everyone!


  1. You went into details, I love it! Have fun on your trip!

    1. I had to, it's really helpful and I officially did not forget anything. Thank you so far it's been so much fun!

  2. I always find having a list of packing essentials a must. I get anxiety at the thought that I might forget something and thats when I tend to overpack. I need to learn how to be a minimalist in packing.

    1. It took me a while to become very minimal with packing but I think I just hate over-packing so much that it made me turn more minimal. Now packing has become so easy!

  3. My friends and I are planning to go on holiday this year, so this will come in handy! Fab post, gal!

    PoppyRKay // poppyrkay.blogspot.co.uk

    1. How awesome! I hope it helps, It's always great to have a list.

      Thank you Poppy!


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