Spring Wishlist

I don't know if its the Spring cleaning but lately I've been seeing a lot of things I really want to buy for myself. I decided to share with you all some of the items currently on my wishlist since it's been a while since I've done one. Enjoy!
Last year for Spring I picked up a mint color purse and this year I have been tempted to buy either a peach or blush color purse. For a while, I've been eyeing this particular Ted Baker purse. I think it's the perfect Spring purse. The color is beautiful, I love the textured leather, and the Ted Baker signature metallic bow is so cute. 

2. Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Cream (Already Have)
Next on my wishlist is the Lush Yummy Mummy! Yes I know I'm always talking about Lush but likely seriously when don't I want something from Lush. This pretty purple shower cream is a limited edition shower cream for Mother's Day. It is a sweet fruity shower cream that is filled with organic cocoa butter. Yummy Mummy will leave your skin super soft and smelling like juicy strawberries. If I may add, you can also add the Plum Rain Shower Gel to my wishlist. I smelled it this past week with Juliana and it smells incredible.  

I did a lot of Spring cleaning this past month and now I've been trying to organize certain part in my room. Lately, I've been trying to find ways to organize specifically my skincare products. I recently saw this picture, and I loved how visually appealing the products looked on this rack. After, some research I found that Target was selling this rack. I know it's meant for wine but I've been trying to incorporate more wood items to my room and I figured this would be perfect shelf unit for my skincare products and my room decor.

4. Succulents/Cactus Plants (Already Have)
I might be late on the succulent trend but I've actually always loved succulents and cactus. I think Succulents are the perfect plants for forgetful people, which I can be...sometimes. Succulents are easy to take care and succulents can brighten any indoor space. 

For the most part I'm very happy with all of the rooms in my apartment, except my bedroom. I feel it's time for a change and the first thing I want to do is get rid of my old outdated dresser which I also use as my vanity (sort of), I mainly just keep my makeup on top. Anyways, I want to replace it with a nice clean white vanity. I don't have too much space, so I want something small and thin like this Ikea Malm dressing table. There’s plenty of space for makeup in the drawer. You don’t need to worry about stains, as the durable glass table top is easy to wipe clean. I love that this dressing table can be completed with a wall or table mirror in any size and style that you like. 

Well that's all for my Spring wishlist. I would love to know what's in your wishlist this Spring, comment below.  


  1. That Ted Baker purse is a dream. If I could that would be my next purse haha. I still need to add a peach bag to my collection. Ugh Yummy Mummy and Plum Rain! Those two are amazing I can't wait to use them.

    1. Yes the queen of peach need a peach color bag! I'm happy I got both yummy mummy and plum rain. I hope I made the right decision in getting the small one of yummy mummy, I feel like I might regret it.

    2. You should have gotten both in the medium size, especially since YM is limited edition. You'll have time to repurchase if you change your mind I'm sure they'll have it for a while ;) Lush needs to stop releasing new things I can't stop spending money haha.

  2. Sis, that tote bag is beautiful! & That table sounds so fitting for you! Ugh, I wish I can have a vanity like you but I really hope you get those two things from your wish list. My only items in my wish list are: sunnies, makeup, heels and dresses.

    1. Thank you sis! I really hope I do.
      Talking about dresses have you found your banquet dress?

    2. Yes, I found my banquet dress! Not the color I wanted but it will do lol. I love it, its so simple!


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