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Nowadays we take thousands of photographs but do we still cherish them? Many of the photographs I hold dear to my heart are old photographs I have printed from a disposable camera or photographs I have taken my time to physically develop the film and print them in a darkroom. I’ve been photographing for years and with digital cameras it's so easy to take hundreds of photographs in a minute, especially with a fast shutter speed. I have an archive with thousands and thousands of photographs and sometimes I find myself contemplating whether or not I cherish them. The answer is yes and no. I don't cherish every single photograph I have taken but there are many photographs that mean a lot to me. I find myself looking at them constantly and remembering that day. For a while, I've been thinking about starting a series where I would share with you all a few photographs I treasure greatly, along with the memory of that day. Today, I am happy to introduce you all to a new series called 3 Photographs & A Memory.

Last year, Ricky and I took a trip to New York. It was Ricky's first time going and it had been exactly 10 years since I had gone. The one place I was really excited to visit was the famous Statue of Liberty. The day we visited the Statue of Liberty, we woke up early and took the subway down to the ferry. The top right photograph was taken on the ferry. I remember it was freezing cold outside but the view of the Statue of Liberty adjacent to the New York City skyline was incredible, I knew I wanted to take a photograph. However, the wind was so strong that I couldn't even balance myself to take a photograph. The reason I love this photograph is not only because the view was incredible but because at this exact moment Ricky had his arms wrapped around me to stay warm and balance myself while I took the shot. 

Upon arriving to the Statue of Liberty, Ricky thought we were only going up to the pedestal. However,  I actually surprised him with Crown Access tickets. We were both so excited, it was both our first time going up there. After 354 steps and a very minor anxiety attack, we arrived to the crown. The bottom right photograph was taken looking down from the crown. It's not often you get to see this view. I also love that I was able to see the tablet which is inscribed: “July IV MDCCLXXVI.” Going up to the crown was such an amazing experience but it was definitely not an easy one. 

After exiting the museum part of the Statue of Liberty, Ricky was enjoying the view around us and I was taking a few photographs of the Statue of Liberty. I saw a couple struggling to take a photograph together with the Statue of Liberty, so I offered my help. They were so kind and overjoyed that I took a photograph of them that they offered to take of photograph of me and Ricky. It's not often we take a photograph together, one I hate asking people to take a picture and two I can get a bit shy. This bring me to the 3rd photograph, the photograph on the left side of Ricky and I was taken by the couple. It's probably one of my favorite photograph of us two. This was such an incredible day and having this photograph as a memento is priceless.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I love telling stories, sharing photographs and I am really excited for the future of this series. Just a heads up I'll be ending these series with a quote about photography and/or art. 

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." -Dorothea Lange


  1. Girl Yes! I love looking at photos & even better when there's a story behind them! I'm excited for the new series. My goal is to go to the Statue of Liberty. & 354 steps? I would've died lol.

    1. Awww thank you! I'm really excited to work on this series. I already have a few photographs and stories I want to share soon. Yes 354 step up to the crown! Girl, I felt like I was dying and I had a minor anxiety attack when the couple in front of us wasn't moving and we couldn't pass them since it was really narrow. I felt so hot and claustrophobic but it was worth it at the end.

  2. it looked like it was worth it. I would be died and came back to life 3 times. hehe


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