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Last year Ricky and I bought one of James Jean signed, numbered, and never to be reprinted print of Adrift II. We were beyond excited when we purchased the print but we knew framing it would be hard. We didn't want to buy a standard plastic and cheap looking frame from our local craft store. However, we also didn't want to spend an arm and a leg since the James Jean print was already expensive. Thankfully, after some research we found Simply Framed, a framing site known for making beautiful, easy, and affordable custom framing. We ended up placing an order that same day and we couldn't be happier with the results! 

Today, I decided to share with you all how easy it is to get something framed with Simply Framed!

Step 1: Art Size & Type

Simply Framed can frame almost anything, like photos, art prints, posters, and much more. To start building your frame, the first thing you need to do is provide Simply Framed with two thing.
1. Artwork Type: In our case, it was an Art Print. 
2. Width and Height of your print: Our print was 25 ¾″ × 19 ¼″ but the size of the paper size was 28″ × 22 ½″. So we selected the closest which was 28″ × 23″. 

Step 2: Frame Style

Next it was time to choose a frame style. They know choosing the right frame style can be hard, so they select the top two choices they think would be the best for you. And in case you didn't like any of those two options, you can scroll down and view more options. We ended up selecting the Gallery White which starts at $150 for the size of our print. We loved the Gallery White frame because it looked beautiful, professional, and bright. It is also made out of wood with a 3/4" face and 1-1/4" deep. 

Step 3: Details

Now it’s time to select how to mat your artwork. Once again they provide you with their top two choices, along with some additional options. Side note adding a mat increases the price because you are increasing the size of your frame. Some of the options they had were Single Mat to Edge (+$50), No Mat (Full Bleed $0). We decided to go with out favorite mat style and that is the Floated with Spacer (+$80). We love floated because the results keep your art floated in the center of the frame. This was the perfect selection for our print since it has an existing white boarder that is also signed, numbered, and embossed at the bottom. 

Next, you choose your Hanging Hardware. They have two options, either Wire or 2 D-rings, both free at charge. We selected the Wire hardware because it is strong, flexible, and easy to adjust. They also finish the back of your frame with kraft paper, clear bumpers and provide you with the appropriate nails.

Step 4: Describe & Ship

Next, they ask you a few questions that are optional but these question will help them better prepare themselves for your order.
1. Orientation of your piece?: In my case, Horizontal.
2. Condition of your piece?: Brand new, never taken out of packaging.
3. Is there a specific outside frame dimension you would like?: We did originally input a size we would want but I can't remember what it was.
4. Anything else you'd like for us to know about your order?: We asked if they had any suggestions for our order we would be more than happy to know.

Next it was time to select how to send your art. You can choose to have them send you a packaging tube with a pre-paid return label or email you a label. We selected to get the tube with the pre-paid return label. 

Step 5: Finish & Pay

Lastly, it was time to review your order and pay! Everything check out right and our total came out to $230. We thought that was a great price considering what we selected, we knew it would be worth every penny once we got it framed. 

The Final Process & Arrival

This was the brake-down once we placed the order. Simply Framed received the order on February 8th. The next day they shipped out a 36" tube and label and it arrived to our door on the 14th. We packaged our print that same day and shipped it out the next day. The print arrived to their facility on the 22nd, and the next day one of their employees gave is the suggested size of 32" × 26" for our frame and we approved it! The print was finally framed, sealed and shipped on the 28th and it arrived to us on March 3rd.
And here it is! This gorgeous limited edition print, beautifully framed by the talented and kind people over at Simply Framed. Like I mentioned before we couldn't be any happier with the result. Not only was it so easy to order this custom frame from Simply Framed but their work is professional and stunning. I hope you enjoyed this review, if you are looking into getting something custom framed definitely check out Simply Framed. Thank you Simply Framed, I'll definitely be placing another order in the future. I've included a photograph of the frame hanged in our apartment, along with some additional photographs of the frame. 
Thank you for reading! 


  1. That's a very beautiful print and looks great with the frame. I love white frames.

    1. Thank you! We had the print stored for couple months and I am so happy to finally have it up on my wall.


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