Today I have for you all another life update post, also known as my Currently series. There's been so many things I've been currently loving and planning this month. I wanted to share them with you all today because I love to share stuff I am currently watching, hearing, eating, and much more. Without further ado let's get into my currently...
Blogging! I seriously love blogging so much! I love the process, from the initial brainstorming to the moment I click Publish. It so relaxing for me to sit down and just write out my thoughts. I love that I am able to express myself through this creative process called blogging. However, blogging doesn't come easy. Sometimes you have to put in some hard-work and luckily, I kind of love the hard challenges that come with blogging. Recently, I've been loving figuring out how to do certain changes in my layout. For example, I've always wanted a Favicon for my blog and after couple of hours, I figured out how to make one and add one. Now, my blog has my signature icon as my Favicon. If you can't see it on your browser you might need to refresh the icons on your browser by clicking command-shift-R on a MAC, and control-shift-R on a PC. It wasn't easy but I am in love with the final results. 
Currently I've been loving Tofu! I tried tofu before and I thought it was good but I never really gave it another chance. I don't know why! However not too long ago, Ricky and I went to a restaurant called Boba Bar and I decided to try their Fried Tofu. I immediately loved it! It was so delicious that I decided to pick up a pack of tofu that same day. I'm not a huge meat eater, so I am glad that I can use tofu for those days that I don't want to eat meat.
If you read my Small Talk: TV Shows to Watch in 2017 post, than you know I've been loving a lot of shows! If you haven't read that post, you should definitely click on that title and check it out. You'll learn about some really good shows to watch this year. One show I did not talk about is, This is Us. If you are watching this show, I really need your help. I've heard great reviews about it but currently I've only watched two episode and I've cried and felt heartbroken. I don't know if I can stand all these emotions when I watch this show. Let me know below if you are watching this show, does it get happy or am I going to be a mess and cry the entire time?
Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts! Whenever I am relaxing taking a bath, cleaning around my apartment, or going somewhere, I tend to listen to podcasts. Ladies who Lunch is currently one of my favorite podcast. Ladies Who Lunch gives you a seat at the table with YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes. They dive into topic like anxiety, sex, relationships, social phobias and more. I love that they approach each topic with not only an open mind but with compassion and a sense of humor. They also share their own personal experiences to connect with the topics and the listeners. Some of the topics they have talked about recently have been very relatable. Last week their topic was Dealing with Depression and the week before was Embracing Insecurities. They have a new episode every Tuesday, I really recommend hearing Ladies who Lunch if you are into podcasts or enjoy talk shows. 
Portland! Seattle! and Vancouver! Yes, currently I am planning our next vacation. Ricky and I will be starting off in Portland, then going up to Seattle, and lastly ending in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. So far we have booked all our flights and have booked the cutest boutique hotel in Portland. I am so excited for our trip but I still need to book our hotel for Seattle and Vancouver. I also need to plan out certain restaurants and places we want to go when we visit. Let me know below if you have any recommendations. 
Since Ricky and I are taking a trip, I am in the market for a new traveling bag. I was originally going to buy myself a Private Label bag. However, after I showed them to Ricky he ended up loving them so he bought himself the Private Label Limited Edition Sandstorm. Now I am currently contemplating on what bag to buy myself. I haven't seen too many I like but the three I have in mind are the Sole Society Lacie, the Herschel Supply Novel Black Duffel Bag, and the Black Fawn Design. I am leaning more towards the Black Fawn Design bag even though it's label as a diaper bag. I know a lot of people who have said they are the perfect traveling bag and camera bag. If you have any suggestions for bags or know places I should check out, I would love to know. 
Lastly, currently I've been enjoying reading my fellow sorority sister blog, La Vida de Lizzy! Lizzeth is a lifestyle, food, and reviews blogger. She has recently blogged some really good restaurant reviews. One of my favorite post was her Galore Series about Lipsticks. You should definitely check out that post if you love lipsticks or makeup and also check out the rest of her blog. She's really entertaining!

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this Currently post. I love updating you all with stuff currently happening in my life. I have so much fun writing these. Until next time!


  1. Girl yes! You got the favicon! 🙌🏼 I loved this post! I can definitely see what you're up too, lol. I'm so jealous of your vacations! Places I've never been too! 😭 BUT I heard that you HAVE to go to the Gum Wall in Seattle! I'm more ham sure there's more things around there lol. I hope you have fun on vacation!

    1. Awww! Thank you! ❤ and that Gum Wall is definitely on my list to visit, I can't wait to go!

  2. I'm so excited for your trip and really hope I'm already in Seattle by then too. Seattle is beautiful I still want to see so much more of it. A lot of people told me to visit the 'Unicorn Bar' but that was once I was already heading back home.

    1. Me too! Omg, I checked out that bar online and it looks so cool, I can't wait! Thank you for the suggestion! ❤


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