B&BW Spring Home Fragrances Haul

Last month, Bath and Body Works released their Spring Home Fragrances Collection along with some other collections. Before they were released, I had seen a picture of these candles and I was obsessed! These candles are so gorgeous and the packaging was stunning! As soon as they were released and the first candle sale was in action, I went and purchased myself a few from this beautiful collection. Today I have for you all a B&BW Spring Home Fragrances Haul, let's begin!
The first candle I'll be talking about and probably the hardest one to find was the Tomato Vine 3-wick candle. So many people were talking about this fragrance. It was a popular new scent and not all of B&BW had this candle in stock. After checking two other B&BW, I finally found this one while shopping with my friend Juliana. This candle notes are Sun-Kissed Tomato Leaves, Fresh Spring Greens, and a hint of Lemon. I think this is my new favorite candle. It is true to its name, this candle smells just like a tomato vine. It reminds me of my childhood, cutting tomatoes in the backyard with my dad and eating them with a few grains of salt. The scent is amazing! I recommend you give it a try if you like green, earthy smells. The second candle I purchased was the Sugared Lemon Zest 3-wick candle. This candle notes are Lemon Zest, Sorrento Lemons, and Cane Sugar. I'm a huge fan of lemon and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint! It reminds me of the candy Lemonheads, I really cannot get enough of this candle. It is fresh, a bit tart-ish and sweet, all in one beautiful bright yellow jar!
The next candle I bought was the Wild Sage & Aloe 3-wick candle. This candle notes are refreshing Aloe Water, Agave Nectar, Desert Sage, and Black Oak. The scent is very clean and fresh, reminds me of a relaxing scent I would smell at a spa. This beautiful matte light green jar is stunning! I can't wait to start burning this one. The next candle I purchased was the Eucalyptus Rain 3-wick candle, with notes of Aromatic Eucalyptus Raindrops, Spearmint Leaves, and Fresh Melon. I absolutely love this candle. I've seen before many candle that are Eucalyptus but I was never fond of the scent but something about this candle is amazing! I'm not sure if its the fresh melon or raindrops notes but I love it!
The last scent I got was the Georgia Peach in a 3-wick and a medium size candle. I'm not sure if I've talked about this scent in my past B&BW Hauls, but I have owned many Georgia Peach candles before. This candle notes are Juicy Peaches, Dew-Covered Leaves, and a Hint of Vanilla. I actually currently have one unburned Georgia Peach 3-wick candle from last year but I mainly bought this one for the gorgeous special edition matted peach color jar. It's so beautiful I couldn't pass on it and the only reason I got the medium size candle was because it was a free item with the purchase of $10. 
I am so happy I picked up a few of the spring collection candles. I don't know about you but these candles look so beautiful together! I love the bright colors and the matte finish on these jars. I had originally only purchased 4 of them but I ended up adding the green Wild Sage & Aloe candle to complete this beautiful rainbow you see above. Isn't beautiful?
Lastly, during my check out I also added these two PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Gel in the scent Watermelon Lemonade and Pretty as a Peach. Like I've mentioned before I used these a lot and Ricky loves them too. I tend to buy them whenever I am using a coupon and I need to add couple more dollars to my total before I can used it. Well that's all for my B&BW Spring Home Fragrances Haul. I hope you enjoyed this haul and if you love these B&BW hauls click here to check out my past B&BW Hauls. Until next time!


  1. I love all the colors of those candles. The packaging is really simple and beautiful I'm tempted to pick some up.

    1. Right! I couldn't pass on these the jars are just too cute, even cuter together!

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