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While browsing online and occasionally working on some future blog posts, I ran into a really cool Disney tag and I knew I had to do it. It’s no secret that I love Disney, so today I will be sharing with you all the 20 Facts About My Disney Life tag. There are no questions to this tag, you simply share 20 facts about how Disney impacts your life. I love doing these tags because you get to learn a little bit more about me and my obsession with Disney and it also sparks a conversations between each other and with other Disney fans and bloggers. So here goes my 20 facts, I hope you enjoy reading about them!

1. I am a Disneyland Resort Annual Passholder.
2. The only parks I have visited are Disneyland and Disney California Adventures. I am really hoping to go to Disneyland Paris within the next two years!
3. I am avid pin collector. My main pin collections consist of Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars, PTD (Pin Traders Delight), and any LE (Limited Edition) pins that I find too beautiful to pass on.
4. I currently have 6 Disney tattoos all on my right arm. However, I am hoping to get more later in the future.
5. One of my proudest Disney display arrangement and collection is my Vinylmation collection. I'm hoping to share it with you all in the near future. It took me couple years and many blind boxes later but I couldn't be any happier with how it looks.

6. I have gone inside the Exclusive and Private 1901 in Carthay Circle Theatre at Disney California Adventure.
7. A lot of my friendships have been formed on the mutual love of Disney and Disneyland.
8. I sprained my ankle pretty badly at Disneyland's Tom Sawyer Island and to this day, I don't plan on returning to that Island.
9. I made an awesome Disney playlist on Spotify that I listen to all the time. It includes a variety of Disney soundtracks and even the music that's played around the parks.
10. Every single room in my apartment has something Disney related, even the hallway. Some rooms have more than others.

11. The only ride at Disneyland I have never got on is the Astro Orbiter. I do hope to get on it one day but the line is always ridiculous and I end up choosing something else.
12. My entire family loves Disney and Disneyland including my parents.
13. I love all of Vans x Disney collaborations. My favorite was the even more exclusive Vans Vault x Disney. I own the OG Authentic LX 'Mickey Mouse.'
14. I have a very particular set of skills (hehehe), skills in embroidery that I have acquired over a very long time. For a while I was selling Disney inspired patches, now I occasionally make some for my friends and family.
15. I love to expand my knowledge on Disney, I love reading about the films, Walt's life, and facts on all of the Parks. I even love to go to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.

16. I am hoping one day to either get married in Disneyland or have a rustic vintage Disney theme wedding.
17. My all time favorite movie is the original Alice In Wonderland.
18. For a while, I was obsessed with buying Minnie Mouse ears. I have a semi-huge collection but I don't really wear them as often anymore or buy them as frequently.
19. Last year I got to see Disney's Aladdin Broadway Musical in New York. It was the best Broadway show I have ever seen.
20. Lastly, one of my favorite memories in Disneyland is when I Disneybound as a Dapper Dan and they all serenaded me a very cute song. One of them even improvised and mentioned in the song that I look like them.


  1. I love that photo of you and the Dapper Dans! So cute! I'm missing Disneyland a lot right now.

    1. Awww thank you. I really need to frame it I keep saying I am going to print it and I never do.

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed, I love this! I would love to see those 6 tattoos though!!

    1. You know I've never even shown my tattoos on my blog or talked about them before. I think I might have to do a post about them in the near future. Thank You for the idea!


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