Sick Rainy Weekend

I was scheduled to post some fun and exciting posts Friday and today (Sunday), unfortunately I became very ill on Wednesday and the rest of the week and weekend consisted of trying to get better. I normally don't like being in bed and doing nothing with my day. After three rainy days of laying in my bed and watching bunch of movies and shows, I took out my phone and started taking a few pictures. I decided to make a post and share them with you all. Even though I was sick and medicated I thought they came out pretty interesting. Hope you enjoy!
After endless nights of not sleeping, medication, lost of appetite, and bunch of movie marathons and baths, I finally started feeling a bit better this evening and I decided to go out for dinner with Ricky since I started to get hungry. 
Today was the first day I've gone out of my apartment in the past three days but it felt good. It was raining so badly outside that there was a flash flood warning in my area. Luckily, we made it for dinner safely. After a terrible week of being sick, I am very glad I was able to enjoy dinner tonight. I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my Sick Rainy Weekend, I'll see you all next week with more fun and exciting posts.


  1. I'm glad you're finally starting to feel better. We have to get together this week for some girl time, I've missed you. I also really love these photos, they feel so care free and effortless.

    1. Thank you <3! I am so glad I'm finally starting to better and thank you for checking up on me and all the advice you gave me to feel better.

    2. That's what best friends are for❤️


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