Semi-extravagant Birthday Wishlist

It's almost my birthday! and like some people would say it's my birthday month! For couple of years now, I've celebrated my birthday at the "The Happiest Place on Earth," Disneyland, This year I'm still deciding on what I want to do. I've been thinking of going back to my hometown to celebrate with my family. For some reason, this year I'm being really indecisive. However, I'm not indecisive when it comes to the items on my wishlist and today I have for you all my Semi-Extravagant Birthday Wishlist. I'm calling it semi-extravagant because a few of the items are pretty pricey but not all of them, with that said lets begin!
1. Apple Watch in Space Gray with Black Sport Band (Already Have)
I've been wanting an Apple Watch for a while. At first I wasn't sure if it was necessary. However, earlier this year Ricky tested it out for work and I really liked how handy it was. I've been eyeing both the Space Gray and the Rose Gold Apple Watch but I think I've come to a conclusion that I rather have the Space Gray since it will go with everything, plus the band is black! 

I've been obsessing over this pallet since Kat Von D released a preview of it couple months ago. This past week I saw it in person twice and I kept wanting to buy it. I was going to buy it online the other day but it was sold out. I'm hoping they come out with them again and I get it for my birthday.

3. Kitchen Aid Tools, Aqua Sky (Already Have)
If you haven't already seen my kitchen then go read my Welcome to my Kitchen post. I have a little mint color paradise going on in my kitchen. I recently hanged up a few of my mint color Kitchen Aid tools and I am left with 3 empty spots. I really want to fill them up with other tools I need like, the 5" StrainerCan OpenerStainless Steel Utility Whisk, and another one I would really like to replace an old one is the Gourmet Wire Masher.

4. 21.5-inch iMac (Already Have)
My home office space goals is to look like this, however one major thing I need and not only needed for decor purposes but actually needed to make my work easier is an iMac. I do all of my editing and blogging on my laptop and while it is convenient for traveling purposes, the small screen kills me when I'm editing. I enjoy designing and editing at work because I have a large screen but at home its such a hassle. I think having an iMac would make my work at home so much easier. 

5. Black or Ginger Kitten
Lastly, I've been wanting a kitten for such a long time. I had certain expectations of what kind of cat I wanted. For a long time I wanted either a Bengal cat or a Munchkin cat, but I realized both are either really hard to find or really-really expensive. So I've settle for either a black or a ginger kitten. Sometimes I get scared at the thought of taking care of an animal but then I think of all the happiness it would bring me and that makes me even more happy.

Well thats the end of my Semi-Extravagant birthday wishlist. I can't wait for my birthday to come. I always love the things that come with having a birthday from the free coffee at Starbucks to the warm hugs I get from the people I love. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, see you all next time!


  1. I love this wishlist hahah! The kitten though omg!!!

    1. Thank you. I'm really hoping to get a few things on my wishlist. Well as of today I already got one, the pallet, which I'm so excited to use.


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