Ipsy: January Glam Bag

I can't believe January is almost over! Earlier this month I received my January Ipsy Glam Bag. I almost completely forgot about it, even though it's been on my desk for couple days now. This month's glam bag is all about Metropolis. We run this town! This silver bag was inspired by skyscrapers. Wear it uptown, downtown, or wherever you'll be slaying this month. Now let's see what I got inside my January Glam Bag.
The first item I got was the Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Crème. This oil can do lots of good things for your hair. This styler has rosehip oil to protect from UV damage, coconut oil to seal in moisture, and argan oil to condition. This is the perfect oil to use with your hot tools. There’s also algae extract to strengthen your hair, which is never a bad thing! I am really excited to use this even though I don't straighten my hair too often. The next goodie I got and I am so thrill to use is the Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 mud mask + exfoliant. This mask and exfoliant combo does many amazing things for your skin from brighten, detoxify, tighten, and soothe, all while gently exfoliating. I love masks! I try to pamper myself with a mask couple times a week, so I am always happy when I receive a new mask in the mail.
Next, I got the Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss in Method to the Madness. I personally love the brand Trust Fund Beauty. They are Vegan and Cruelty free, however I hate lip gloss so much! I dislike the consistency and I hate how my hair would always get stuck to my lips. I will definitely be giving this lip gloss away.
The next product I got was theBalm Cosmetics Bahama Mama Bronzer. If you want your skin to look sun-kissed like when you get back from vacation than this bronzer is perfect for you. This matte bronzer will leave your skin looking flawless and you can also use it as a contour, shadow, or to fill in your eyebrows. I love bronzers, I've never really ventured out from Too Faced bronzers but so far I am loving this bronzer. I might have to get the full size. Lastly, I got the Pacifica Blushious in Wildrose. This blush is made to be universally flattering on everyone! There’s nothing like a swipe of this coconut and rose infused blush that will instantly revive your skin. The people at Pacifica were also nice enough to give you all 20% off on Pacifica products at ulta.com. All you need to do is enter Pacifica2017 at checkout. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my January Glam Bag. See you all next time!

January Glam Bag:
Design: 3.5/5
Loved Products: 4/5


  1. I think that Briogeo cream is the one I had on my Christmas list. I love the kind of products and I also got that mud mask. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Really nice! I can't wait to try it. I'm so bummed I got a lip gloss I haven't gotten one in a while. I thought Ipsy knew how much I hated them.

    2. That's annoying, I'm literally waiting for them to send me another damn mascara.


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