B&BW Semi-Annual Sale Haul

Couple weeks ago Bath and Body Works started their Semi-Annual Sale. I love stocking up during their Semi-Annual Sale, especially when they come out with new scents. I love this sale so much, a lot of their products are between 50-75% off. On top of their sale, B&BW also gave out a spend $50 and get $20 off coupon to use during their Semi-Annual Sale. My goal during this trip was to grab $50 worth of my favorite products for only $30, let's see how I did.
The first candle I picked up was the Stress Relief Eucalyptus Tea Candle. This candle helps you keep your calm with eucalyptus essential oil & tea. I was pretty excited when I saw B&BW was going to release their Aromatherapy fragrances in candle forms. I knew I would have to pick up a few, since I enjoy their fragrances a lot. The second candle I picked up was the Energy Orange Ginger Candle. This candle helps you boost your energy with orange & ginger essential oils. Both of these candles smell incredible and I am really excited to try them out. 
Total: $20
The third and final candle I picked up was the Turquoise Waters, a bergamot, day lily, and sea spray scented candle. I picked up this candle because recently I've been enjoying that citrusy bergamot scent, so I knew I would like it. During this run to B&BW I wanted to get $50 worth of candles but unfortunately, they didn't have much candles.
New Total: $30
Since my local B&BW didn't have much candles I decided to look into their body care. The first two items I bought was their Peach & Honey Almond Shower Gel and Body Lotion. At first I was really hoping I would love this scent but I had a feeling I was not going to love it since I dislike honey scented products. However, this is an irresistible blend of summer peaches, mimosa flowers and honeyed almonds wrapped in creamy vanilla and clementine. It smells amazing and the packaging is so adorable. I actually like this packaging more than their usual bottles. 
New Total: $36.24

Next I got a few products of my favorite winter scent, a Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel and Shea & Sparkle Scrub. This is a classic, I am in love with this scent. It is a  fun, festive blend of red apple, winter rose petals and candied orange. I got the shower gel because that's my personal favorite and I picked up the scrub because Ricky really enjoys using those. 
New Total: $42.98
The last body care product I got was the Winterberry Wonder Shower Gel. This shower gel is a winter blend of red winterberry, ruby apple & sparkling cranberry. I use these shower gel all year long, and I don't mind stocking up on these because they lather and smell incredible. 
New Total: $46.10
The last items I picked up at B&BW were some of their PocketBac Sanitizers. I got a few of my favorite like Holly Jolly Berry, Frosted Cranberry, and two Peach Bellini. I've talked about all these scents in my past B&BW Hauls, if you are interested click here. The only new PocketBac Sanitizer scent I bought was the Noir for Men. I'm hoping Ricky likes this sanitizer but I know he likes fruit smelling hand sanitizers, especially if you are sanitizing your hands before eating. However in case he doesn't like it, I can always give it away. 
New Total: $52.10

After applying my coupon I ended up with a grand total of $32.10. I think this was a very successful trip. I am always looking forward to their Semi-Annual sales, you get so much for such a good price. Well I hope you enjoyed this B&BW Semi-Annual Sale Haul. Thank you for stopping by and see you all next time.


  1. I've never even looked into the Aromatherapy candles and that energy one sounds so lovely.

    1. These two smelled the best! The rest of the collection I was kind of iffy.


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