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Welcome to another She & Him Adventures. One tradition Ricky and I love to do every year during Christmas is built a gingerbread house. Couple weeks ago I happen to find the perfect gingerbread house kit for both of us to built and decided to take a few picture of the process to share with you all, I hope you enjoy.
The kit I picked up at Target was the Chocolate Peppermint Cookie House Kit. I thought this was the perfect kit for Ricky and I. I normally love to built gingerbread flavor houses. However since Ricky loves Chocolate and I love Peppermint (duh), I thought this Chocolate Peppermint house would be perfect house for the both of us!
The kit came with with pre-baked cookies, white icing with two different pipping tips, and assorted candies for decorating. 
The kit suggested to first built the house and then decorated it but I figured it would be easier to first decorated and then put it together. I had totally forgotten how hard it was to pipe out of these pre-made bags. Ricky tried to pipe the windows for a bit but instead he decided to let me do the pipping. He was very helpful and kept on passing me the candies I needed. 
After doing the windows and doors we moved over to the roof. I didn't think I would have enough red candies to do the roof as displayed on the box. So instead I decided to do it my way. I kept it pretty simple and alternated the candies every two. 
Finally after a few more decorations around the edges of the house and on the platform we ended up with this adorable Chocolate Peppermint house. Isn't it so cute? 
The gummies and big peppermint droplet were our favorite candies to use. Ricky was holding back from eating all of the gummies. He did eat a few of the smaller gummies which resulted with a few missing gummies on some of the windows. 
The door entrance decoration was our favorite part of the house. It was Ricky's idea to put both the heart and round candies around the top of the door, and it was my idea to make the swirl effect on the door. At the end it was both our team work that made this cute little detail possible. 
And there you have it. We have our adorable Chocolate Peppermint house located at 1119 Wonderland Lane :) I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Your house turned out so cute. Rudy kept eating all the candies and kept telling me there wasn't anymore for the house so that he could save the rest for himself... lol

    1. Hehehe, I know what you mean I had to get Ricky to stop eating them. I didn't even have enough candies for the side windows.


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