DIY: Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Welcome to my fist DIY! I had seen this idea all over Pinterest and I loved it so much. This year I am going for a rustic theme with my wrapping. So I thought this was the perfect decoration to put on my Christmas presents.
First I gathered up the materials needed for this DIY...
• Mason jar lids
• Twine
• Yarn
• Glue gun
• Scissors
• Various decorative items (such as ribbon, mini figurines, cut-outs, cranberries)

Making these Mason jar lid wreath ornaments are so simple! You simply start by tying a knot around the mason jar lid to keep the rope in place. I kept the knot part below the ring so I can hide it later on when I am winding it.

Next, you simply wind the rope tightly around the lid until you come back to the knot. When you are done winding it, you simply make another knot and cut the excess and you can hot glue the end to keep everything in place. Yes, I know I said the word simply a lot because it's really that simple.
It only took me couple minutes to fully wind a couple of Mason jar lids with twine and yarn. I had to make a few of these for my family members so I was very impressed when I realized how fast and easy it was going to be to make these.
Next is the fun part where you can get as creative as you want. I used a variety of decorative items that I picked up from both Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I also made a few felt flowers from left over felt. In case you don't know how to make felt flower here is a DIY on How to Make Felt Flowers that I found on Pinterest.
For my first ornament I thought a few of these cute little cranberries would look beautiful. I simply added a few drop of hot glue to the top cranberries and at the bottom of the branch and connected it to the wreath. I love how this glitter-wonderland creation came out. I was really tempted on keeping this ornament. 
For the second ornament, I simply used whatever ribbon I had on hand. First I added hot glue to the cute little bow and put into it's place. Adding a bow plays an important role because it can hide the lump caused by the knot. For additional cuteness, I also added a small tree figure. This ornament reminded me of a magical winter wonderland.
For the third ornament, I made three teensy tiny felt flowers in yellow, orange, and white and I glued them into place. Then I added an oatmeal color lace ribbon as the decorative ribbon. I love the rustic vibes I get from this ornament. 
And for my fourth ornament, I also added an oatmeal color lace ribbon as the decorative ribbon but this time instead of tiny felt flowers I added this little whimsical deer. I love how the twine, the lace, and the deer all look together. I love how rustic and whimsical this ornament turned out. I just fell in love with it! 
These are so fun and simple to make, literally within couple of hours I had a bunch of them made. I had to make several ornaments for my family and friends but I couldn't be happier with the turn out! It’s also the perfect DIY to do with a group and even kids, maybe just take care of the hot-glue gun parts. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you again for joining me today!


  1. These are SO cute. I really want to try making one but I never actually get around to it.

    1. You should! It was so easy. Plus they make cute ornament for the tree too!

    2. I just need to make time and I think I also keep thinking at how long it took to wrap the yarn on my wreath... That's probably what's holding me back lol even those these are a lot smaller.


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