Did you ever wonder what you would look like if you were a Disney Character? Well today you can!

If you head over to Disney.com, you can Disney Yourself! You can create your own Disney character of yourself. It was so easy and fast to Disney Yourself. The website lets you choose a variety of skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, Disney outfits, Disney accessories and even Disney backgrounds. The best part is at the end you are able to save your creation and share it with your friends and family.  

Both Ricky and I decided to Disney ourselves and look how cute they turned out! I highly recommend you all to go and make one of yourself especially if you are a huge Disney fan. Below are both Ricky's and mine characters with our favorite outfit, accessory, and background. 
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Omg this is so cute I'm going to create one of myself right now!

    1. You should & I wanna see too! Yesterday I had my coworkers creating theirs.


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