December Favorites

I can't believe December is almost over! This month was so much fun, filled with so many Christmas festivities. However, soon we will start a New Year with new adventures and challenges. Since we are close to the end of the month (literally), I am here to share with you all my last monthly favorites of 2016. Lets begin!

My first monthly favorite is the Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter. This month has been extremely cold and my poor lips are feeling the cold. My lips were so chapped that applying lipstick was not only difficult but looked gross. I was in desperate need of a lip balm. Luckily, I had this lip balm in my makeup bag. It is very moisturizing and immediately healed my lips. I also love that this lip balm doesn't have a strong scent like other lip balms. 

My next monthly favorite is the perfume Roses De Chloé. I bought this perfume about two years ago and to tell you the truth I had totally forgot about it since I been obsession over my all time favorite perfume Flowerbomb. However, recently I started using it again and I remembered how much I actually loved it. The keynote in Roses De Chloé are Bergamot, Damascena Rose Essence, and Amber Musk. I think the reason I love this perfume is because it contain two of my favorite fragrances which are roses and musk. I thoroughly enjoyed using this perfume again.

Next, I have my It 12-In-One Amazing Leave-In Treatment. I originally talked about this product in my Ipsy: August Glam Bag. I use to apply coconut oil to my hair after ever wash, but I hated how oily it would get. This It hair treatment is such a great product not only does it decrease my frizz but it also soften my hair without making it feel or look greasy.

My next monthly favorite is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Ricky's mother always gives me bunch of cleaning products. Originally when I saw this magic eraser I thought it was a dish washing sponge, but this magic eraser is the best thing ever! My apartment walls are all white and some scuffs and marks are so hard to take off but this magic eraser somehow took them off. After cleaning one wall I was determined have all of my wall spotless clean. I think I'll have to keep these magic erasers handy at all time, after deep cleaning all of my wall so easily.

Lastly, my last monthly favorite of 2016 are my Nike Free 5.0. My feet were killing me the last couple days at work. I tend to only wear boots and vans at work which aren't the most comfortable shoes. I kept complaining at night to Ricky that my feet were in so much pain. He suggested I wear my Nike shoes. I am so glad I listened to him. After wearing them the next day my pain was gone. I was so comfortable wearing them all day that I ended up wearing them everyday to work. 

Well that's the end! I hope you enjoyed reading my December Favorites and my last monthly favorites of 2016. I seriously can't believe tomorrow is the start of a New year. 2016 has come and gone so fast! What are you looking forward to this coming year ? Let me know below, see you all next time and Happy New Year!


  1. I love that It hair care treatment so much! It makes my hair feel so soft. I'm so close to finishing it and I really want to look around to see where they sell it so I can buy it. I've always wanted a Chloe perfume, I think it was this one that I really liked.

    1. Let me know where you find it. I might have to buy one soon. I originally thought I love regular Chloe perfume but the rose one smells amazing!

    2. I will! I think when I looked online a few months ago it said Rite Aid but I've never made time to go to one and check. I'm pretty sure I liked that one more than the original too. I've been really wanting a new perfume!


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