Bath & Body Works Candle Day Haul

Last Saturday Bath & Body Works had their famous Candle Day! This year B&BW had all their 3-Wick candles for $8.50. I went to my local B&BW 30 minutes after opening and the store was filled with people grabbing candles like crazy. I quickly saw a few candles I wanted but a few scent like Winter Rose, Winter Candy Apple, and Frosted Cranberry were already sold out. I was questioning if I wanted to get any, since I knew the wait for check-out would be about an hour. At the end I picked up a few and today I'll be sharing my Candle Day Haul. 
I did pick up a few candles that I already own. The first one I got was the Fresh Balsam. If you want to read more about Fresh Balsam then click here to read a previous Haul. The second candle I got was 'tis the Season, a Red Apples, Freshly Ground Cinnamon, with Deep Green Pine scents. I was in the market for a cinnamon candle and this was the perfect one because it reminds me a lot of Winter Candy Apple but with a cinnamon twist.
For couple months I've been eyeing this candle collection from B&BW. All the candles in this collection have decorative colored ribbed glass with no lids and acrylic dust covers. I was so happy that I was able not only to get the one I wanted, but also a second candle from this collection that I had totally ignored but ended up loving. The first one I got was Roasted Chestnut & Cherries, a Salted Chestnut, Cherry Bourbon, Roasted Pistachio, and Sweet Cream scents. This one has been burning deliciously, I regret not getting more than one. The second candle I got from this collection was Frosty Air, a Frosty Winter Air, Crisp White Cotton, Eucalyptus, and Icy Vanilla scents. I normally don't like candles that contain vanilla scents but I don't smell any vanilla in this candle. This candle is very musky which are the kind of candles I've been enjoying. 

I took a second trip to B&BW later that day and I found hidden a Black Cherry Merlot, a Dark Cherry, Black Raspberry, and Sumptuous Merlot scents. I knew I had to buy it, I currently have one un-burn but I love this candle so much. Another candle I picked up earlier in the day was a Peach Bellini. If you want to read more about the Peach Bellini then click here to read a previous Haul.
The last candle I bought during B&BW Candle Day was the White Tea & Ginger, a White Tea Leaves, Sparkling Citrus, and Hint of Ginger scents. I was very surprised to see this candle especially during this time of the year. I love tea smelling candles. One of my all time favorite B&BW candles is Tea and Lemon and this candle reminded me very much of it. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this haul. This was my first time buying candles during B&BW Candle Day and I must say it was a very successful trip. See you all next time with more Holiday posts. 


  1. You have no idea how tempted I was to buy candles during this sale. I've been really good and I've also been burning so many of my half burned candles. Clearing the inventory😂 I can't remember how the roster chestnut and frosty air smell like.

    1. Are you almost done burning your half done candles? I really like those two candles from that collection. Originally I thought I only liked the Juniperberry but I am so happy I was able to get these two.


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