A Christmas Tag

Who doesn't love to read a tag? My friend Juliana tagged me on this festive Christmas tag. I figured it's the perfect time! Especially to get in the Christmas spirit. I hope you enjoy and you should head over to her blog and read her Christmas Tag

What is your favorite Christmas memory?
I can't think of any particular memory but as a child I enjoyed staying up late on Christmas Eve 
to open presents.

What's your favorite flavor of hot chocolate?
S'more Hot Chocolate, typically its your basic hot chocolate with graham crackers and toasted marshmallow. I just picked up some 
graham crackers yesterday to make some tonight. 

Favorite type of Christmas cookie?

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Traditionally my family and I open our presents on Christmas Eve.

Favorite reindeer?
I know everyone loves Rudolf but I've always has a sweet spot for Prancer. I think it's because I like the name.
Favorite Christmas movie?
Home Alone 1 & 2.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?
Spending time with my family and opening presents.

Favorite Christmas song?

At the moment I am obsessed with Wham!- Last Christmas

Candy canes or Christmas cookies?
I do love candy canes especially because they are Peppermint but I'm a sucker for cookies. 

Do you get snow where you live?
Unfortunately it  doesn't but growing up my parents always took us to the snow in January. Last year I got to experience a cold but beautiful Winter Wonderland in New York City. 

Real or artificial tree?
I have an artificial peppermint color Christmas tree but I do prefer the real thing.

A star or an angel on top of your tree?
A star!

How do you spread love during the Christmas season?
By spending time with my family and making them smile.

Ham or Turkey?

Neither, only Tamales on Christmas.

What is on the top of your Christmas list?
Realistically stuff on my Wishlist, but I would also love to get an iMac.

White or colored Christmas lights?
White for the most part.

Best part of Christmas?


• Giving or receiving gifts?
Both! I love giving gifts but I also love receiving gifts. 

• When does your tree go up?
Usually early November. I tend to decorate around the time Disneyland decorates for the Holidays. 

• Do you have a favorite ornament?
Yes my Disney Park Peppermint Twist Mickey Mouse Ornament.

• Favorite Christmas scent?
Christmas tree scent and the smell coming out of my mom kitchen when shes making Tamales.

Happy Holiday!


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