November Favorites

November was a month to give thanks and I want to start off with saying thank you to all of my readers. Thank you for the feedback both via comments, Snapchat and Twitter. I am so happy to be able to share a part of my life with you all, Thank You! I am also very thankful for the amazing products that came into my life this month. Since we are close to the end of the month, I am here to share with you all my November Favorites!

My first monthly favorite is the Aēsop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel. This is the perfect oil free, post-cleansing balancer for oily skin. It is ideal for humid and polluted climates and for those who experience seasonal breakouts. This gel also helps to keep skin matte and shine free. I've been using this for a little bit over a month now. I mainly use it at night while I do my night time skincare routine. P.S Keep an eye out for My Night Time Skincare Routine coming soon! Ever since I started using this product along with my toner, I feel that my pores are getting smaller and disappearing, which make me very happy! The only thing about this gel is that it's really dense, so if you don't like applying a thick-honey consistency to your face this might not be the product for you. 

The next item is a Jar Candle in Gingerbread House. I seriously love gingerbread everything! However, I didn't like this years Bath and Body Works Gingerbread candle but the good thing is my friend Juliana recommended me this candle from Target. Right away, I fell in love with the packaging, it's so cute. I love that it's not super Christmas-themed so I can enjoy this candle all year around.

The next product is the Lush Papa Noël Face Jelly. I was in the market for a new cleanser and while shopping with Juliana at Lush, the kind sales associate demonstrated us this new holiday face jelly. I ended up buying it and so far I am very pleased with this cleaner. It smells so fresh! It made my skin softer, balanced, and moisturized and it's very gentle which I like because I go over it with my Clarisonic. Overall I am in love with this cleanser, my only complaint is the consistency is a little odd but it still does it's job.

Last month, I ran out of my Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner, which I loved. This time I wanted to try something new and I ended up getting the Origins Zero Oil Toner. This toner leaves my skin with a smooth and matte finish. I use this one or twice a day, mainly at night sometimes in the morning. It leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleaned, in a way that no toner has ever done for me before. Now I know why people talk highly about Origins products, I'll have to try more products in the future.

My next monthly favorite is another candle but this one is the B&BW Winter Rose 3-Wick Candle. When I first saw this candle I totally ignored it and did not smell it. During my next visit, I decide to smell it and upon a quick sniff I was very impressed. I love floral scents but sometime they can be too strong and borderline matronly. However, this candle is right up my alley. If you didn't read about this candle in my B&BW Haul, this candle has Soft Rose Petal, Pink Peppercorn, White Cedarwood, and Luxe Sandalwood scents. I don't even consider this candle a Winter candle, I can definitely see myself burning this candle during Spring and Summer. 

Another monthly favorite is my Gallery Leather 2017 Mint Agenda. This is the perfect mint planner for me to manage my remaining months of 2016 along with the entire year of 2017. Even thought the name of this agenda is Gallery Leather this agenda is synthetic leather with round corners, and gold embossed 2017 and edges. So far this agenda has been very handy in keeping my life together during the holidays. 

Lastly, and in the picture below is my new favorite desk item, the West Emory Stacking Glass Storage Container. This has to be just about the cutest storage container ever! This container is everything I ever wanted in a container, its so adorable. I love that I can easily see the contents inside, in this case candy. Their space-saving design allows each container to have a lid, eliminating dust from piling up on the candy. I seriously love having this container next to my desk. In case you are interested in buying it I got it from Target during one of my "I just need to get one thing but I end up with a whole basket full of stuff" trips. 
Well I hope you enjoyed my November Favorites. Are you ready for all the Christmas festivities? See you all next time!


  1. Every month you share so many goodies I just love it. I love Origins I really want to try out more of their products. I really like that planner you have, last weekend I finally found one I loved at Target. I can't wait to use it.

    1. Thank you! Maybe Santa Claus will bring you more Origins products.

      Oh you did! Nice. Target always carries such cute agendas.

    2. I'm seriously running out of all my beauty products so it might be a good time to try out some new stuff. I love target planners! I wanted to get stationary items for my desk.


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