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Earlier this month, Bath and Body Works released their Holiday Tradition collection along with other Holiday fragrances. I've been really excited for their Holiday release, I didn't buy much last year. However, this year I wanted to stock up and buy a few of my favorite candles but also try out a few new items. Today I have for you all another B&BW Haul, now let's get into the haul!
During my visit to B&BW I picked up a few 3-wick candles. The first one was a classic favorite Winter Candy Apple, this is a Red Apple, Candied Orange, Maple Leaf, Fresh Cinnamon, with Winter Rose Petals scents. This is one of my favorite Christmas scent. The packaging from the Holiday candles are also so beautiful! I was really tempted to buy two but I decided to hold back and try a new scent. The second candle I picked up was Flannel, a Crisp Winter Air, Bergamot, Heirloom Mahogany, with Soft Musk scents. This candle reminded me a lot of Crisp Morning Air  which is a musky scent. I've been enjoying burning more musky scent candles because sometimes their sweet scents kind of annoy me, well depending on my mood. 
The next candle I picked up is another Winter favorite and that is the Frosted Cranberry, a Frosted Cranberry, Red Apple, with Blonde Wood scents. I wasn't planning on buying this candle because I currently have one that is a little bit more than half-way burned. However, I remember last year in December I completely burned one. While I was shopping I over heard a girl ask an employee if they had anymore Frosted Cranberry and he said they were completely out. I happen to find one stashed behind the next candle I'll be talking about, so I knew I had to get it! The next candle I got is a new favorite and that is the Fresh Sparkling Snow, a Sparkling Sugarberry, Icy Melon, with Holiday Pear scents. I don't know how to explain how this candle smells but it smells amazing! It's even better when it's burning. I don't know why I never smelled this candle before. I think I might have confused it for Winter which I'm not a fan but this candle smells amazing!
The last 3-wick candle I picked up was the Fresh Balsam, a Woodland Balsam, Crisp Eucalyptus, Fir Branches, with Cedarwood scents. One thing I miss about not having a real Christmas tree during the Holidays is that balsam smell. I was on the hunt for a balsam candle and B&BW carries a variety. I ended up going with the Fresh Balsam because I thought it was the closest thing to the real thing. Plus, look at that packaging. Gorgeous!  
I also picked a Medium size candle in Twisted Peppermint, a Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Vanilla Buttercream, Fresh Balsam, with a Hint of Musk. I already own a few Twisted Peppermint candles from the past collections. I mean come on its peppermint, it has a candy cane, that's all me. However, the reason I picked up this candle was because on the lid it said since 1990. This hit home even more. Not only is this candle called Peppermint but it also has the year I was born. Usually I don't see B&BW "since" label, so I was very happy when I saw this candle and knew I had to buy it. 
Since I was using a few coupons and I had to spend a couple more dollars, I decided to pick up a few of their PocketBac Sanitizers. I've talked before about the Black Cherry Merlot that's Rickys favorite along with the Stress Relief. I got those two for him. For myself I wanted to pick up a few of the Holiday PocketBac Sanitizers. I picked up the Winter Candy Apple, Holly Jolly Berry, and Snow Kissed Citrus.  I am currently using the Snow Kissed Citrus and it smells delicious and it has a light touch of glitter.

Lastly, I bought myself a Snow Globe PocketBac Holder. I was pretty happy with my previous holder but I thought this holder was so cute and simple. I love that it's like a snow globe and the snowflakes move. I am really excited to use this holder during the Holidays but once the Holidays are over, I'll be switching back to my old one which I love. 

Well that's it for this Bath & Body Works Haul, I hope you enjoyed it. Have you picked up any of the B&BW Holiday items lately? Let me know below.


  1. So many goodies I want them all. I want to pick up some holiday hand sanitizers.

    1. I love their hand sanitizers especially holiday themed.

  2. I need to their their candles I've never tried them.


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