Unboxing: Harveys Alice in Wonderland Purse

Today I am so excited to share with you all an unboxing of my recent Harveys purchase. Back in May Harveys announced their newest Disney Collection of Alice in Wonderland purses. They mentioned it was going to be a two part collection one coming out in May and the second one in August. I didn't end up buying anything from the first part of the collection because I was hoping I would fall in love with something from the second part. Ever since May I've been anxiously waiting for part two. The moment they released pictures of the second part I immediately fell in love with one purse and knew I had to get it!

After a long wait the collection became available! Unfortunately, the day they were released I was at Disneyland and by the time I found out, along with the terrible reception, they sold out! I  was so sad that I missed out on the opportunity to buy one. I had been waiting for such a long time to buy it and they sold out in an instant.

However, after dwelling for couple of weeks. I had finally forgotten about missing out on the purchase. Randomly last week one night while browsing online, I decided to check out Harvey's website. I had noticed they still had the Alice in Wonderland collection up on their website. I figured it would still be sold out but I decided to still click on the purse I wanted and by surprise it said ONE IN STOCK! I didn't hesitate and quickly knew I needed to buy it and I did. Now, I have for you all my unboxing for the Harveys Alice in Wonderland purse.
The purse I purchased from their Alice in Wonderland collection was the Marilyn Satchel Disney/Queen of Hearts. I love love love this print, the design is amazing! I love the card theme print. This Queen of Hearts print is perfect for the Alice in Wonderland lover. It contains the Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and of course the beloved Alice. I love how this print looks with the pop of red. It is such a beautifully designed purse.
The Marilyn satchel is a very versatile bag that can easily transform from day to evening. The bag comes with 3 interior pockets. The lining inside the purse also features a print with Alice gracefully floating as she travels down the rabbit hole. I've been enjoying carrying this purse. Not only have I've gotten plenty of compliments but it's such a comfortable purse to carry.
One of my favorite detail in the purse is the card themed dangle on the side of the purse. The two toned dangle features a red heart & diamond, and a black spade & clover. This is such a cute and fun bag to use. This Marilyn satchel is very functional and great for every day use. It holds a ton, but is very lightweight which I love. I also love that this particular style has feet at the bottom so you don't have to worry about sitting it down or getting it dirty.

I am beyond happy with this purchase and like always the quality in the construction is incredible. Harveys truly create impeccable and heavy-duty purses, and who doesn't love a USA Handmade and Vegan/Animal Friendly company. I hope you enjoyed this unboxing, see you all next time.


  1. YESSSSS!!! So obsessed and you got the best photos to show of its details. I'm now thinking of making an updated what's in my bag with this purse😌

    1. You should! I love your whats in my bag posts.


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