My Halloween Village

Welcome to another Halloween post! This might be my most exciting and anticipated post this Halloween. Like I mentioned in My Halloween Decor post I've been wanting to share with you all my little Halloween Village. As a child I remember seeing in movies little Christmas villages. I always thought it was the coolest thing ever and I wished I had one. Eventually I learned about Halloween villages and if you know me well, you know I love Halloween! So it only made sense I would start my own Halloween village. I officially started my Halloween village last year after many years of wanting one. So today I introduce you to HALLOWEENTOWN!
Last year when I started Halloweentown, I had to buy a lot more items than what I expected. I kind of had to, it didn't feel right starting a village with just one shop or house. However, now I am limiting myself to buying only one house or shop every year. I don't mind buying how many ever town people or little decoration, since for the most part they are relatively inexpensive. This year newest addition to the village is the Haunted Mansion in the middle of Halloweentown. 

I know the name might be generic and taken from the actual Halloweentown movie but I thought the name fit perfectly. Especially since I do love Halloweentown. I'm not sure if most people name their villages or maybe they do, but I've also created a story or given life to the citizens of Halloweentown. I've given names to the people who live in this magical and spooky town, most of them are references to movies and shows. I'll give you extra brownie points if you know them. Now let's go for a walk into Halloweentown.
The first stop is at Wanda's Wicked Cupcakes. She has an assortment of beautifully decorated cupcakes. Unfortunately they are always rotten but some of the town people love them. There on the right we see little Dani trick-or-treating in her witch costume. She also stopped by for some fresh popcorn with Mr. Jenkins.
Up in the hills we have The Gate House Hotel. I heard its to die for! It's run by the Bates family, Norma and Norman Bates. Norman is a charmer, he always shows you a killer time! Unfortunately there's no vacancy but I'm sure Norman will open a spot for you.  
Next in the middle of Halloweentown we have the Haunted Mansion! It's the most visited place in Halloweentown. The story goes that it is a murder mansion. Only the truly wicked can live here because of the 999 ghost that currently live here. For the past couple of years only the dark ones have stayed here. For example, vampires, monsters, Darth Vader, and witches. Oh look at the top of the mansion, Elphaba is leaving. 

Here we see a beautiful self Portrait of Miss Trunchbull.
Around the Haunted Mansion theres a few cats and owls living here. The three top cats we see here are Lucifer, Salem, and Binx. Lucifer is a devilish, spoiled, pompous, and gluttonous cat. Salem is your loyal cat but can be quite witty. Binx is the most caring and brave cat you will ever meet. He will literally get run over by a bus for you. 
Someone else you'll see walking around Halloweentown is Benny. He use to be a taxi driver but he was always dead tired from the traffic so instead he takes care of the pumpkins around the town. 
Every night at the Bone Crushing Gazebo you can find the All Hallows Eve band playing. They have a killer album out. All of their songs have your ears exploding, literally!  
Next in town we have the Coffin Cafe. They have a variety of spooky drink like the Ghostly Irish Coffee, the Bloody Caramel Macchiato, and the Devilish Mocha. Some of those drinks might kill you but the good thing is they have a ton of coffins for you to lay in. P.S wifi might cost you your soul. 
If you're tired of walking you can always take the Spooky Express. It goes all around town but I'm not sure if it stops so just get ready to jump whenever you want to get off. 
Up at the top of the other mountain and where the sun doesn't shine we have the Sweet Cave of Edward and Bella. For the most part they are always sleeping. Occasionally they'll come out of their cave for some bloooooood!
And well there you have it! The tour at Halloweentown has now ended. I hope you loved my village and the story behind it. I thought it would be really interesting to come up with a story for the entire town and the citizens of Halloweentown. I had so much fun not only building the village but taking the pictures and sharing it with you all. Feel free to comment below any suggestions for the village or what was your favorite thing about it. Hope you enjoy!


  1. you did good sis.

  2. Everything is so cute. I love how you incorporated the names from Hocus Pocus, Twilight and even Matilda? I loved it all.

    1. Awww I knew you would get some of the references. <3! And thank you, I'm so happy how it turned out this year.

  3. love this town! so cool! the story and everything is awesome!


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