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It's October! Have you spooked up your home? Maybe both indoors and out? I live in an apartment so I can only decorate my indoor but I truly enjoy decorating during Halloween. Everyone seems to have a different style when it comes to Halloween decor. Some people are so into it, that they start buying discount decorations the morning of November 1. I have to admit, I am one of them but not too crazy. I tend to buy things that I can use throughout the months of October and November, you know Fall. However, others don't want to bother with carving a pumpkin, I personally love carving a pumpkin. But whether you've been planning your decorations since last year or you just love to appreciate someone else's decorations then you are in the right place. Today I bring for you all my Halloween decor.
I sometimes wish I had a bigger place or an outdoor area that I can decorate but I work with what I have. On my couch I love to have decorative pillows. I am currently in love with these two pillows I have that say Hocus Pocus. I bought these two as a set from the Halloween section at Target. I think they are so spooky and I love that they remind me of my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. Next, to those pillows I have my Figaro Pumpkin plush that I bought during my last trip to Disneyland. He is so cute and I'm pretty sure even after Halloween I'll have him around my apartment. 
Next on my coffee table, I love to have this spiderweb tablecloth. I found this tablecloth couple of years ago at my local Ross. I've been using it every year and people love it! Also on my coffee table I love to have some Halloween items on display. Currently, I have my Mickey Shape Pumpkin Candle Burner which I talked about in my Disneyland Haul. I also have a really adorable Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Candle in this beautiful jar. I got this back in June during B&BW Semi-Annual Sale. Next to the candle, I have a pumpkin candy holder that I bought for 50% off last year at Barnes and Noble after Halloween. I tend to keep some Halloween treats in there for anyone with a sweet tooth. Behind it all I have a Yankee Candle Skeleton Taper Candle Holder. I don't tend to burn taper candles for some reason they really scare me. 
I love placemats! Whenever Ricky and I eat dinner or a midnight snack in the living room I place these spooky spider table placemats. They go so well with the spiderweb tablecloth. I knew I had to get them when I saw them at Target. 
If you love Halloween but don’t have the space, time or money to display a grand Halloween decor then no problem. I love to decorate little corner with a few items. Simply pick up a few mini pumpkins from the dollar store like these two above, maybe a little tombstone, place it next to candle, and call it a day. This simple display will make you happy and in the Halloween spirit every time you walk by. I have a few corners and areas in my desk with simple Halloween displays.
Another thing I love to do for my Halloween decor is group together all of my black decorative accessories such as pumpkins, bottles, and candles. Here on the side of my desk I have the spooky cloche that I mentioned in my September Favorites. Inside my cloche I've encased a B&BW Halloween candle. I have two pumpkin which I've bought last year from Target and a spooky raven black bottle and a coffin which I bought from Michaels. It simply take a few monochromatic items to get that frightening touch, and suddenly it looks like a scene out of a haunted mansion. 
Another item I've been loving to have out on display on my desk is my Poison Apple mug, which I have yet to talk about in my mug collection but it's definitely a favorite of mine.

Simple Halloween lights like these pumpkin lights can brighten and put you in the halloween spirit. Currently I have these displayed on my bulletin board on my desk. I find these small lights very adorable and I love the mood it bring to the room. 
For a while during Halloween I've always wanted to change the appearance in my kitchen and give it that Halloween decor. However, I love the look of my kitchen so much I don't want to change it. If you haven't seen my kitchen click here. So instead I simply display a few of my Halloween/Spooky mugs in my Wall of mugs
One of my FAVORITE Halloween decorations I put up in my apartment is my Halloween village. I won't go too much in details about it because I will be making a separate post about it later, maybe next week. However this is my favorite halloween decor found in my apartment. It is also my most talked about display when people come, they love to see it especially at night when its in action. 
My newest Halloween decor is my Heidi Swapp Lightbox. Currently, I have been displaying a lot of Halloween related signs, For example the two above. I've gotten so many compliments on the "Beware of the Hitchhiking Ghost" but personally my favorite is the "It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus."I'm hoping to make a few more before the Halloween time is over.

If you can't already tell I love Halloween! It's the spookiest time of the year and it's mostly just for fun. I love doing all the decorations and watching Halloween movies at night. It's so much fun and I wanted to share it with you all! Now its your turn. Comments below and let me know what you're doing this Halloween to spookify your home or comment if you love Halloween!


  1. The way you got everything set up is hella dope. I like the town. I want Figaro! I thought it's be smaller than that! Looks dope tho. Time to put in work and make work look dope haha


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