Mug Collection: Part 4

Hi everyone and welcome to part 4 of my Mug Collection series. It's been so much fun sharing with you all my mug collection. Today I thought I would share with you all some of my Halloween and Spooky mugs since its October. I wish I had saved some of my more spookier mugs to share with you all today but I've already talked about a few of them. If you haven't already checked out my past Mug collection series click here! Now let's get into my collection. I hope you enjoy!
First and probably my most favorite mug is my Disneyland Poison Apple Mug. Last year during Halloween Time I missed out on buying this mug but luckily my friend Jay was at Disneyland when they had them and he was able to get one for me! (Much thanks) I loooooove this mug so much. Its so beautiful in many ways, plus it glows in the dark too! How awesome! I currently have this mug displayed on my desk for Halloween. However, after I'll have it displayed on my Wall of Mugs all year around. 
The next mug in my collection is this Hallmark Special Edition Evil Queen / Witch Flip Mug. This is just one mug but you can flip it and use it either way. One way reads Before Coffee and the other way reads After Coffee. Very relatable! I was so happy when I found this mug at Hallmark. I love using the Before Coffee side in my morning and the After coffee in the evening. 
Next is my Star Wars Kylo Ren Sculpted Helmet Mug. I got this last year at Target during the Force Friday midnight release. It was such an adventure waiting inside Target for the midnight release but luckily I had really awesome friends who were there waiting with me. (Shout-out Jay & Isaac) I was really happy leaving with some goodies including this Kylo Ren mug. My next mug is my Disney Store Evil Queen large mug. This is such a beautifully detailed mug. I wished I would of taken more pictures to show the details around it but take my word for it, its so beautiful. This is also probably my biggest mug, I even tend to eat cereal from it.  
Lastly, I have this set of Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Pumpkin mugs. I got these a few years ago and are my favorite mugs to use during Halloween. Especially when I make hot chocolate for Ricky and I. They are so adorable and I love that they come in two different colors, instead of both being orange. I will definitely be using these for the rest of the month. 

Well that's all for part 4 of my Mug Collection, I hope you enjoyed it and see you all next time.


  1. I love your spooky mugs. We have a few similar ones :) I want to get some more Villain mugs.

    1. Twins! Me too. I'm always hunting for mugs. I've wanting to go thrifting I've found some good vintage mugs before.

    2. I need to find a good thrift store to go to.


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