A Spooky Countdown to Halloween Movies

Ready for a Halloween Marathon? Here are my favorite Halloween/Spooky movies to watch this October! If you're like me and love to watch a scary movie every night leading to Halloween then go grab a drink, some popcorn, and maybe some early Halloween candies. I've gathered up a list of 31 spooky but not too spooky movies that will get you in the mood for Halloween this month! Whether you're in the mood for ghost, vampires, witches, or magic, I got you covered! Tonight I am starting with my all time favorite Beetlejuice!


  1. So many of my favorite movies!😍 I can't wait to start watching them. Rudy and I bought Tower of Terror yesterday since he's never seen it.

    1. Right, I am so excited about this list. Night two, time for Under Wraps! :)

    2. I want to try watching a different Halloween movie each night but it'll be hard because of all my shows Rudy and I watch. Plus a lot of my fall shows should be coming back. One movie I have been anxiously wanting to watch its Double Double Toil and Trouble the one with the Olsen twins!

  2. Such a good idea! I'll have to watch these movies with my family.


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