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Last week Ricky and I decided to go on a mini adventure and visit San Francisco. We were originally going to go up to the Presidio and visit The Walt Disney Family Museum. However, we woke up late and realize we wouldn't have enough time to go have breakfast and visit the museum. Instead we decided to be foodies and visit a very popular place we have been wanting to try for a while. We traveled up to Polk St and visited Brenda's French Soul Food. If you are craving some fresh take on beignets, grits, and po' boys then Brenda is the place to visit. 

Arriving to Brenda's we noticed a large crowd waiting outside. Inside the host was extremely busy seating customers. We were extremely hungry and were second guessing if we should wait and as you can tell by this post we decided to wait. Inside the restaurant there was a large chalkboard, you simply write your name on the board with the amount of people in your party and you wait to be called and seated. We ended up waiting about 45 minutes to be seated which is not bad in my opinion. 
Right when we got seated the waitress came to our table to take our drink orders. When I glanced at their drink menu, right away I was intrigued by their Sweet Watermelon Home Iced Tea. I had never heard of a watermelon iced tea. I normally dislike cold tea unless it's some Starbucks concoction, however I was really interested in trying this tea. Ricky and I both ordered the tea and oh my goodness it's so refreshing and best of all, free refills! We loved that it came with real pieces of watermelon. It tasted so fresh, I loved it so much that I got my cup refilled like three times. 
Prior to coming to Brenda's, we had heard their Crawfish Beignets were a MUST! These Crawfish Beignets are spiced with cayenne, scallions & cheddar. They come in an order of 3, which is great for sharing. I'm so glad Ricky and I decided to just order one order, this was plenty for both. The sauce inside these beignets are so good and you can really taste and see the crawfish chunks inside. Right away at the first bite, both Ricky and I looked at each other and we nodded. Normally we eat sweet beignets covered with powered sugar, so tasting these savory beignets were out of this world. 
For the entree part I decided to go with the Shrimp & Grits. I been wanting to try grits for a while and I am so glad that my first time was at Brenda's. This shrimp & grits plate is packed with lots of flavor! The shrimp was cooked to perfection and spiced just right. Every item was seasoned to perfection. Also, the portion of this dish was very generous! Ricky even had some of my food couple of times and he was so in love with it. This plate is definitely a must try!
Ricky was being indecisive on what to order. I think he was being a bit like Peter. Anyways, he ended up going for the Grillades & Grits, Beef cutlets braised in spicy creole gravy, served with grits and two eggs (any style), with spicy onion relish and a biscuit. This might not be the prettiest plate ever but it was delicious. Ricky loved how everything tasted, he said the beef was well seasoned and his grits were tasty. However, he did say the beef was a bit too much to eat. He thinks it might of been too early in the morning for beef or maybe he is not use to eating beef anymore but he did wish he got my dish instead since he was in love with all the flavors.

If you are ever in San Francisco for the weekend or live there, Brenda's French Soul Food is a must! Once you go once, you'll be hooked like we are! We can't wait to go again! Make sure you arrive early or just be ready to wait a while. Don't worry if you end up waiting a long time, the food is so worth the wait!

That's all for now until next time!


  1. Out his looks yummy! That watermelon tea sounds lovely.

    1. Thank you! Oh and it was. I need to learn how to make it.


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