September Favorites

Even though September has come to an end we now begin the cozy season of Autumn, the spooky month of October and my monthly favorites! With that said, today I have for you all my September favorites. Let's start!

My first monthly favorite is a Halloween Small Cloche Décor. I got this at the Halloween section at Target. My friend Juliana had told me that she recently got this particular Cloche or in our case candle holder. I have been wanting a candle holder for my desk for a while, especially one with a cover. When I saw it in person I quickly fell in love with it because of the cute little bad it had on the top. 

The next item in my monthly favorites is the Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Banana Muffin 3-Wick Candle. Once again my friend Juliana had recommended me this candle. Previous to her telling me about this candle, I had already gone to B&BW and smelled all the candles I thought I would like. I originally skipped this candle because I thought it would have some vanilla fragrances and I tend to stay away from vanilla scented candles. However, after she told me to give it a try and smell it, I fell in love! I love banana bread and every time I burn this candle my apartment smells like a fresh loaf of banana bread. I might have to go and pick up another one since I been burning this candle a lot this month. 

Next, I have these Hammond's Hot Chocolate Halloween Dunking Spoon in the flavors S'mores and Sea Salt Caramel. This was a late favorite this month. I recently picked up the S'mores flavor during a target run with my friend Jay. I tried it out couple days later and it was so delicious and easy to make. All you need is some hot milk and you stir the milk with this delicious chocolate dunking spoon and wallah there you have it, a delicious S'more hot chocolate. I loved it so much that the next day I had to go back and pick up a few more and I must say the Sea Salt Caramel was also delightful. 

My next monthly favorite are the San Pellegrino Ficodindia e Arancia (Prickly Pear & Orange) Beverages. For years I've been a huge fan of San Pellegrino beverages. I use to drink their Limonata all the time. Couple months ago during OutsideLands there was San Pellegrino booth and they had all their flavors to sample. Originally I thought I had tried all their flavors but they had a peachy-pink can that I had never seen before. It was the Ficodindia e Arancia (Prickly Pear & Orange). This drink is made with orange juices and cactus fruit, it is the perfect sweetness of orange with the exciting & delicious flavor of prickly pear. It was so delicious and we finally came around to ordering a case. I have been enjoy drinking this drink so much. I tried to limit myself to one a day or one every other day. If not I would drink them all, no lie.

Lastly, my next favorite is the Heidi Swapp Lightbox. This is a great way to create fun phrases and personalized titles. You can easily customized this lightbox to show off your daily mood or thought. I had seen these lightboxes online for a while but never really looked into where to buy one. Not until my friend Juliana showed me she got one I started researching where to get one. I had seen them online but eventually during a random trip to Michaels with my friend Jay, I saw one but it was pretty big (8.5x11) but I didn't get it. However, the next day I still really wanted it, so ended up buy it. I kind of regret not buying the one she purchased since its smaller and I really don't have much space on my desk. Maybe eventually I'll buy the smaller one online. However, I do love that I can make my own letters and characters without being worried that its too small to cut. So far I been loving making my own designs. I'll insert a picture below of a design I created. 
I'll probably share some more Halloween designs I made in a Halloween decor post. Well I hope you enjoy my September Favorites, what are some of your favorite items this month?


  1. I've already told you and I'm going to tell you again, I freaking love the letters and characters you've made for your light box. So perfect!

    1. Thank you! I need to make some more for this Halloween time!

  2. Aye!!! I had a lightweight shout out! Kinda hahah


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