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Last week Ricky and I attend San Francisco's biggest music festival, Outside Lands! Every August, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park transforms into an otherworldly celebration of music, food, wine, beer, art and comedy. This year they had an amazing line-up that include artist and bands like Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Lana Del Rey, and Chance the Rapper. I was personally very excited to go. This was my first year attending and Ricky's second year. I decided to share with you all a few pictures from this wonderful 3-day festival along with some of the food and beers we tried, we hope you enjoy.

Day one for me, was a day to get familiarized the different sections at Outside Lands. For Ricky, it was like coming back home. On this day we got to check out the entire park and also got to hear some new music like Moon Taxi and St. Lucia. The main performers we were here to watch were Miike Snow, Grimes, Beach House, and LCD Soundsystem. 

Food: Itani Ramen, Shoyu Chicken Ramen
          Rosa Munde Sausage Grill, Chicken Habanero Sausage Poutine Fries
          Namu Street Food, Korean Tacos & Korean fried chicken bites.

Beer: Bear Republic Brewing Co., Big Bear Stout.
          Drakes Brewing Co., Drake Rob Porter.
          HenHouse Brewing Co., Hen Oyster Stout.

Best of the day: Miike Snow, Korean Tacos & Drake Rob Porter
Our goal for day two was to get as close as possible to the stage at Lands End to watch Radiohead. Day two consisted of walking around in the morning for a bit, having breakfast with some beers. We did get to watch the talented and funny Julien Baker before we got breakfast, she was very entertaining. Later on we made it to the stage and slowly moved towards the front. On this day we got to watch The Wombats, Years & Years, Big Gram, Air, and Radiohead and if I may add we  did get to the front row by the time Radiohead was up. 

Food: Candy Bar Dessert, S'more Float.
           Rosa Munde Sausage Grill, Cheddar Brat Sausage Poutine Fries

Beer: High Water Brewing, Campfire Stout.
          CaliCraft Brewing Co. Buzzerkley.

Best of the day: Radiohead but Air was a close second, S'more Float, Campfire Stout.
Lastly, day 3 was a blur but I still remember it was so much fun. On this day we got watch Kamasi Washington, Natalia Lafourcade, SnakeHips, Third Eye Blind, Diiv, Chance The Rapper, and ended the night with Lionel Richie. Sounds like a lot for one day but it was possible. I personally would of been fine if I skipped out on SnakeHips, it wasn't my type of music but Ricky and his friends really wanted to watch them. Towards the end I was sad because it was all coming to and end but Ricky cheered me up with a reminder that next year we will be back. 

Food: Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas, Pollito Tamale & Queso (Vegetarian) Tamale.
           Tacolicious, Baja Cod Taco
           Straw, Donut Cheeseburgers

Beer: North Coast Brewing Co., Old Rasputin.
          Mendocino Brewing Co., Mendo Talon IPA.
          Napa Smith Brewery, Napa GGate IPA.

Best of the dayLionel RichieS'more Float, Campfire Stout.
Overall this was such an amazing festival to attend, I did learn a few things. One: dress warmly. This festival is not like Coachella, it is really cold at all hours in San Francisco. Two: expect to spend a lot more money than you think. I went in day one with a budget for all three days and lets just say everything is so expensive my budget for 3 days was gone by day one. However, if you don't want to spend too much money than bring snacks. Three: Go Cashless and use their wristband payment option. Not only did they have so many issues processing payments with credit cards but I know when I'm feeling a bit tipsy I hate taking out my wallet. Having the option of putting money on your wristband and simply scanning your wristband is so easy. Below I've also included individually our favorite Music, Food, Beer, and Land from the entire festival. 

Pepper's Overall Favorite

Music: Radiohead
Food: Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas, Queso Tamale
Beer: High Water Brewing, Campfire Stout
Land: Chocoland

Ricky's Overall Favorite

Music: Radiohead
Food: Straw, Donut Cheeseburgers
Beer: High Water Brewing, Campfire Stout
Land: Lands End

That's all for now until next time!


  1. Damn that blue art thing is raw!!

    1. Right! There was so many of these art things. I wanted to take a picture with each one.

  2. How cool I didn't know Lana Del Rey was going to be there. I loved all the photos, it looked fun.

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah she was but I didn't get to see her but I heard she was really good.

    2. I've seen her perform twice and she's so good.

  3. You guys look so good!


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